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The attacks are intensifying – Lyne

The attacks are intensifying

March 17, 2022 9:35 PM

The attacks are intensifying.
Evil spreads more and more.
On a visit to my home that is for sale
Two women cast curses on my house.
They made poxions on the headboard.

That same day and night God directed me to anoint the house.
That same night I dreamed of satan in the doll inside my room.
The weather got heavy in the house
I saw dark letters and so did my husband.
I prayed and asked the lord to reveal everything, and so he did and showed me where the graffiti was. And who were the witches?

Cleansed, purified, ordained the demons bound in the name of Jesus Christ and powers also bound. And I sealed it with anointing oil.

I had headaches, my husband suffered a mind attack of suicide, but God is mighty and broke evil in the name of Jesus Christ.


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