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May 23, 2023 12:19 AM

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Dear brothers and sisters,

I have to tell you that on May 21/2023, following my last post (THE ARMY FROM THE NORTH), I was up through the wee hours of the morning praising Father and working on an amazing Word. By 4am, I thought I would do a last prayer before finally heading to bed. But when I got to intercede over the Word again, let me tell you, the Holy Spirit was so heavy on me and gave me this long download. I wrote down the essence of what Father was speaking to me while I prayed. Here it is from my notes. Please bear with me if it sounds a little choppy.

Before I get into it, I just want to tell you that going into prayer that morning, I was feeling such a heaviness for THE ARMY FROM THE NORTH Word. I was thinking to myself, ‘Father, that is going to be a hard Word to accept, especially for those who do not understand where we are at prophetically and think that we have our whole life in front of us to do what we will’. While I voiced this to Him, the Holy Spirit began ministering to me about 2 distinct items.

First of all, He said that whole nations have greatly grieved Father’s heart and for that they’ll surely see His hand of judgment upon them in many ways. He re-iterated what He has told me many times since 2020. And that is, that these judgments CANNOT be overturned. Father has been long-suffering. But the nations have made up their minds on which side to stand. Like He said on the last Word, if they would call unto Him in true repentance, He would be faithful to hear their cries, but they’d have none of Him.

However, here is the good news which comprises the second part of this Word. For ANYONE willing to leave behind their life of sin and join themselves to Yeshua (by confessing their sins and living a holy life), He will welcome you into His rest. That means that, although difficulties, tribulations, afflictions, suffering may be poured down all around you, that He will give you the grace to endure, that He will remove from you the spirit of fear and walk with you every step of the way. By shedding the spirit of fear alone, you would lose that ability to panic, fret, be anxious over things, knowing that your Heavenly Father is greater than your circumstances and that He has you in the palm of His hands. Father has a divine purpose for each of you listening to this. Regardless of whether you are part of His Army Bride or not, you still have a part to play in End Times. By going to Him with the right position of heart, you can learn about your specific mission.

The Holy Spirit confirmed that it will rain on both the righteous and the wicked (Ezek.21:3). Many will lose their lives and in a brief moment find themselves in Father’s presence. Many others will end up in hell. Those who remain through this phase of the testing will witness much horror, death, and destruction worldwide. Please get your spiritual houses in order. Warnings have gone out by so many of Yah’s prophets and messengers. You must take these warnings seriously. Father will not contend with men forever. At some point, the warnings will end and the floodgates of His judgments will pour in.

Great Tribulation = Great Testing

From the time we are born until the time we depart, our life is a TEST. We must understand that NONE of our arrogance, pride, selfishness, witchcraft, abominations, lies, sexual immorality or any other type of sin can enter heaven (Rev.22:15). We MUST rid ourselves of ALL things that Father calls evil in His Word in preparation for eternity with Yeshua. That’s what it means when the Bible says that He is coming back for a Bride that is pure and blameless. I know that Father’s bar of holiness is VERY high. Regardless, without holiness no one will see Him (Heb.12:14). Look at the disciples’ response to Yeshua’s statement when He told them that, in order to enter heaven, one must obey His commandments and that, to be perfect, one would have to give away his possessions:

Matt.19:25-26 When his disciples heard it, they were exceedingly amazed, saying, Who then can be saved? 26 But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

This doesn’t mean that we literally have to sell EVERY single thing we have, but understand that if He provides you with clothes on your back and a meal, that you have all you need to make it to another day. Therefore, all the rest belongs to Father and that we must put it out at His disposal, without reservation to be used for the advancement of His kingdom. And furthermore, that we must rely on His guidance EVERY SINGLE DAY, even EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY SINGLE DAY! Make Yeshua King of your life. Give Him the place of honour in your heart. Wait patiently upon Him for answers. Lean on Him for understanding of His Word.

We will have to pass our tests by ourselves. Each of us is responsible for working out our salvation in fear and trembling of Yah. So far, our testing may have been relatively easy in comparison to what is coming. For at that time, no cheat sheets, no lifelines, no ‘call-a-friend’ option, no google will help. Many of us will only have our own 2 legs to stand on. Our foundation is going to be individually tested to see if it’s structurally sound, built on the Solid Rock that is Yeshua, or if it’s resting on sinking sand. The Bible says that the wise man built his house on the rock so when the rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, it did not fall. Did you build your spiritual house on Yeshua, the strong foundation?

Get used to standing by yourself! Because the Narrow Road is VERY narrow and VERY few will find it. We MUST divorce our idols for they will not be allowed in heaven. Satan will put people through the grind; he will oppress the saints (Dan.7:25). Hence, the patient endurance of the saints. For those who endure until the end, the same shall be saved (Matt.24:13).

Many want to go to heaven, but the same do not wish to commit to a holy life, to saying ‘NO’ to the pleasures of the world, its comforts and lusts.

The Holy Spirit said that we are not spending enough time praising, worshipping and seeking Father and then we say, ‘I can’t wait to get to heaven’. Do you know that in heaven the praise and worship of The King of Kings is on 24/7? Holiness 24/7? Yah used to tell His people, His priests to consecrate themselves before attending to the holy things at His temple. We are called to be set apart, to be His priests. How do we take the time to consecrate ourselves before approaching His throne? How careless is our praise, our worship, our meditation of His Scriptures? Do you know what His SOUND DOCTRINE is?

We want to be able to dictate our own lives and have the option of praising Yah if we have the time, or if we are in the mood. We often forsake our Communion with Him in our secret place to chase after frivolous things. This will cost us a great deal.

At this point, it’s past 5am. I’ve been up all night. Yet the Holy Spirit is relentlessly bringing all this to my attention, urging me to write it all down so that I can deliver it to you, brothers and sisters. He said, ‘NO MORE TIME. REPENT!’ Get inside the Ark. Get right with Him. No more playing church. If you love Him, then follow His commands. If you love Yeshua, then you are called to obey all of His Word, Old Testament and New for He is the Word that became flesh, the FULL counsel of Father. Do not be merely a hearer of the Word, but a doer. When you reflect yourself on His Word and He shows you things that need to change, do not look away and forget what those things were. When the Holy Spirit lays a conviction on your heart to repent, that is to confess and to do no more, act on it. If you never feel convictions to change, it might be that you have become hardened and are living in delusion. Do not leave the altar. Take it to prayer with fasting. Examine yourself. Wrestle with Yah until you are able to get to the bottom of it and make things right with Him.

Things right now are relatively easy for most of us. Take advantage of the time that is left before more severe judgments are poured out and draw near Yeshua. Do not procrastinate. It will cost you. And when you leave your life of sin, do not fall back into old habits, addictions. Stay clean.

May Father shine His light in us and expose all our filth, laying us back on His anvil as many times as needed so that all our dross can be eradicated and we can shine of His brilliance.

The kingdom of heaven is not based on opinions or man’s interpretation of the Scriptures. The Bible is breathed by Yah through His Spirit. It is a holy book written by the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth who knows all and is more than able to teach us as long as we go to Him humbly. The Bible says that we do not receive because we do not ask. And when we ask, we do not receive, because we ask with wrong motives, that we may spend what we get on our pleasures (Jam.4:2-3). It also says that Yah’s people perish for lack of understanding (Hos.4:6). When you are not clear on something, whether it is a personal matter or something in the Word, get into the habit of taking it to Father through prayer and wait on Him for the answer. Resist the temptation of looking it up on google, or Youtube, or ask your pastor and best friend. Develop an intimacy with Father so you know that no matter the question, He has your answer; that you do not need to rely on others’ discernment to determine if something is good or bad, or if you should do something or not. Trust the Holy Spirit. He knows best.

When it comes to obedience to His Word, we are to do as we are told, not fabricate excuses as to why we do what we do. For example, when it comes to celebrating certain pagan rituals. The Bible is clear on where we should stand, so just obey. For obedience is better than sacrifice; rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry (1 Sam.15:22-23).

Finally, Father wanted me to address the importance of the gift of prophecy.

Because many do not know how to hear from Him directly, have gotten lost on the Wide Road or are following lies, Father said that in His great mercy He has raised up many prophets to stand in the gap between Him and His people. For His desire is that none should perish but that all would inherit eternal life.

Unfortunately, and I say this with much grief, over the decades the church has fallen asleep at the wheel while accepting more and more false doctrines. Instead of teaching the way of truth, holiness and righteousness, the church has become complicit to the ways of Satan. Pastors who are supposed to shepherd Father’s flock have become lazy and complacent. And so, instead of investing their time inquiring of Yah to understand His mind, His heart and what specific messages His church needs to hear so she can be prepared for times such as we are in, they comfortably preach on monthly themes or copy sermons from others. Then they sprinkle them with cute little stories, perhaps even some humour to make things more interesting and entertaining. Father’s Word has been dishonoured, watered down, sugar-coated and twisted to the point that it has become unrecognizable in the courts of heaven. The traditions of ancient Babylon are so alive and well still today and so embedded into every part of our culture and churches that the vast majority of pastors (and congregants) cannot distinguish the difference between sound and defiled doctrine. All the while, congregants have learned the art of regurgitating whatever they hear from the pulpits without throughly investigating the Scriptures not realizing they’re putting themselves at great risk of ending up in hell. They carry on with their ‘busy’ lives filled of many mundane things not paying any mind as to whether what they’re doing honours Father in any way. They have allowed Him to fall off the throne of their hearts, off their priority list. How dreadful going through End Times without spiritual discernment, understanding and maturity!

This is why Father, in His infinite mercy, has called and anointed His messengers at this hour to lay things out to His flock. Should they heed the warnings, they may very well find their way back on the Narrow Path and eventually, to eternal life. For the time is ripe for His judgments. You wouldn’t want to be caught ill-prepared, blind, naked and wretched. If you are so cemented on just doing life and think that your spiritual life is something that sits on your shelf and you pick up whenever you want/need, you will be shocked on the day of your real test. Come to Yeshua. Clothe yourself with His strength, wisdom, faith and spiritual armour. Satan is ruthless. He will have no mercy. Right now, he has convinced people that the gift of prophecy was a thing of the past and no longer available to our generation; that those who claim to be prophets are prophesying out of their imaginations. So, people have let down their guards and continue in their lukewarm ways, convinced that their lives have somewhat returned to pre-covid and that revival is in the air. Meanwhile, all the signs around us point to a very different reality. And so, what needs to happen is that one must tread carefully to determine if a prophecy is from Father and lines up with His Word. If a prophet proves to be false, disregard their words. But if it proves true, do not treat their prophecies with contempt.
Those of us who are the true servants of Yah, who have spent much time in our secret places building our characters, drawing lessons straight from Father’s throne room; those of us who have been circumcised in the heart where Yah’s laws are now written, will not bend, bow or be discredited for what the Holy Spirit is speaking through us. Father has placed a fire deep within our chests, like Jeremiah said, which cannot be put out but pushes us to go on teaching, rebuking and warning others in the hope to save some. We carry Father’s desire to see none lost for eternity. Therefore, we are not here to arrogantly point things out to people to make one feel bad or to make ourselves look superior, holier, but to assist anyone who will surrender to Father to reconnect with Him on the Narrow path.

There is a bunch more things I need to add regarding the gift of prophecy. I am in the process of finishing off that Word and will continue on this topic there.
May Yah bless you!


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