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The Ark – Solitary Man

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The Ark

Solitary Man


Because you have shown that you don’t want children, ripping them out of your wombs by the millions, so have I caused you to poison those who survived, after you’ve finished poisoning yourselves. Should some of you survive the poison, I have sent the sword after you. Your border invasion is orchestrated by me, as I cannot bear to look at all the innocent blood being shed any longer. Neither can the land itself contain the amount of blood that has been shed.

Should you also escape the sword, I am sending the famine to destroy what is left. Your food supply is being shut down. Soon this will become evident. You see more and more of the necessities of life become financially out of reach. This will continue, and will accelerate.

Do you see all those whose lives have been destroyed? And in each and every case, they cry out for help, but no help comes. I have turned your leaders against you. I have given them all over to satan. You keep rejecting the true faith, so what do you expect in return?

So few, so few hear my voice. So few, so few truly see. Just as in the days of Noah, people carried on with life as best they could, ignoring the big warning sign of the ark being built. They laughed, they cursed, but most of all they simply discounted what was right in front of their eyes.

Suddenly the flood case, and they were all swept away. I warned Noah, and Noah alone, when the last 7 days were upon him. Very few will be given the warning of when the last 7 years will come to pass.

Will you have your ark built? Will it be completed? You cannot begin to build it when the flood hits. It must be complete before destruction comes.

I, and only I, am your ark. Look not to man. Look nowhere else. The latter flood of judgment will be greater than the former. The great and terrible day of the Lord is almost upon you. Finish your ark. If your ark is not watertight, it will not survive the battering and pounding of the waves. Seal it up so it doesn’t leak. When it is time, I will invite you to enter in and I will shut the door upon you. Until then, finish what you have started.

For those who have begun the good work, my grace is sufficient for you. Do not think you cannot complete. He who began a good work in you will most certainly complete it. Keep building. Look not to the heavens, where the storm clouds gather. Shut you eyes to the screeching voices of the evil one, cursing you and doing all that they can to make you stop. Purpose in your heart that is is the year that your ark will be completed. Only if you choose to build the ark, can I come and shut you in when the time comes.

Solitary Man

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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