The ark of safety doors will close! – Victoria Ang

The ark of safety doors will close!

Victoria Ang
Two prophetic dreams given yesterday and last night

In the first dream I was made known I just completed working a straight 24 hour shift in the hospital ( I am an RN). I was very tired because after 24 hours of work ,I only got 3 hours sleep.

The scene shifted and I found myself sitting in an air port. People were getting ready to leave on a ski vacation (a sport I used to love). I sat there hoping I would soon be able to go with them. As I sat there a supervisor from the hospital where I worked ,came up to me and said “ We need you to come into work because there has been an emergency”I explained to her that I had just worked a straight 24 hour shift and only had 3 hours sleep. I asked her if she could get another person to come into work. And she replied “No we need you, they are not trained to do your job!”….. and the dream ended.


The Lord knows how tired some of us are but we must continue non stop in working for the Lord.I truly believe that the time is growing so very short where much devastation will occur and for some ,this is where we will be needed most. The rewards will be coming in his timing!

Last nights dream:

I had a dream I was called into work again, ( as a RN).It was urgent. I tried to get to work as fast as possible but encountered every single obstacle getting to work. I finally made it to the hospital and as I walked in the door and the door closed. I was handed a paper that said your department has been changed where you will be working ( I had worked Open heart ICU and ER) … the paper said “ Your new department is “” SURGERY”! … the dream ended!

Interpretation :

This dream means the transformation will soon take place as the “ cutting away” of those that have chosen the Lord versus those that have not ! ( sheep / goats).

The ark of safety doors will close! ……..

This morning the Lord sent me again, a small bird in my shed ,this is almost impossible to get into AND a RED CARDINAL !!! Nothing is impossible with God!
Let us stay in continuous prayer!! 🙏🙏❤️

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  1. madelyn

    Red bird symbolic of your passion for things of God. House represents your life. Shed represents storage? Storing up your treasures in heaven. Xo

  2. Ingrid Messer

    I was saved by the Lord 35 yrs ago.
    And the first thing He showed me was a guillotene … l knew what a guillotene was even though l was very young…
    Over a lifetime looking back even to this present time, l must say l never really dream, see or hear things like so many other people do.. l never understood why l would see a guillotene… NOW, that time comes to a close, l understand … 🙏

  3. Dear Madelyn- recently, it seems the Lord sent me a ‘wild white rabbit’ as a dear friend & for enjoyment, I think? It appears by the stories of the neighbors around me that this rabbit has been running wild & living at this RV Park for quite some time, here in Alaska. He is very friendly, & very amusing to me. I thank the Lord for his company daily, as he is so much fun to play with. From the first day, he came right up to me, & did a little dance, as if to say “Hi!” Even tho my neighbor has a big red dog that likes to chase the rabbit, he just moved right in & stayed anyway. So I installed a simple pet door under my RV and put a box under there with some bedding in it. He immediately caught on to using the pet door. Now, every day I go outside, all I have to do is say- “Where’s my rabbit?” And he comes running around the corner, looking to see what’s for dinner? This little gift of life is so cute, he makes me want to pick him up & kiss him all over! He let’s me pet him, but doesn’t like being picked up. I just had to wonder if you think it has any prophetic meaning you can see? (Saw your comment above) If you have the gift of interpreting dreams, I’d like to share one with you, if you are willing? rick

  4. Victoria

    Thank you Madelyn for sharing !! The Lord is most AMAZING !!! ❤️❤️❤️

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