The Ark Is Leaving!!! – Sister Devin

Received to Sister Devin

Received Early March 2018 at 1:44 A.M.

Instructed to be posted on February 4th, 2019

The Ark is Leaving!!!

“Speak these words My beautiful daughter of light:

“I AM the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last. The time has come to show the world what I have been warning of through My Word and prophets. Great and terrible things are about to happen. You are going to experience things never imagined in your minds. Those of you who have mocked, abused, and tortured My children will drink from the cup of My wrath. For I AM a very loving Father. I AM long suffering and wish all of My children to come before Me on bent knee. How long should I warn thee while I watch My innocent children suffer horrible things at the hand of the wicked one? Satan knows his time is up as he was also forewarned and made his choice to defy Me. He will have his place in hell where he will spend eternity. I will not wait any longer for THIS IS IT. This is the final countdown. You are sealed. I wish to say I will never abandon any one of My children, but know the ark is now full. The light of the world is leaving.

Your loving Father, YHWH.”

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  1. Brandy

    Are you saying the Lord says its too late to repent?

    • Jorge Fernandez

      Is this the same Brandy I wrote to last week?

  2. Jorge Fernandez

    This is true. The Father has given me knowledge as it happens. August 2017 Satan and all evil was cast out of heaven and hurled to earth. 7 year tribulation began. Sept 2017 Yeshua arrived on Mt of Olives. He rested there in preparation for the rapture. Jan 2019, the Father requested Michael to deliver the Ark of the Covenant to the temple in heaven. Jan 2019, the Father opened the Book of Life and accounted the names. Feb 2019 the Father sealed all who were named in the Book of Life. Feb 11, 2019 the Father gave me instructions for the sealed. Get on your knees and lift your face to heaven, put your right hand over your left hand palms up and raise them to heaven. This will show him that you are sealed by him and not the beast. Then recite, “Father I am a great sinner and not worthy of your forgiveness, but you sent the Messiah Yeshua to take my sins away. Please forgive me as I sinned greatly and hold no judgement within me, for I forgave those who sinned against me. I am but a sheep and I pray to you Father that you receive me. I love you Father and I am forever grateful of your mercy. Thank You.” The Father urges compliance because all is in place and all is ready for his command. My name is Jorge. I am Angel Phanuel sent in the flesh as Enoch, and I came back to heaven when I completed my purpose. I was sent back to earth with one more purpose and that is the same purpose as Enoch. I’m protector of truth and urge repentance. I am a witness to the Father and will be here until the end. Evil struck me since I was in the womb, but death has no power over me, since I was sealed by the Father in heaven before I came down to earth. Have no fear, the Father has a plan and the righteous will be protected from harm. 2/3 will ascend with the Messiah Yeshua. This will happen soon. The last 1/3 will remain behind with me and we will work diligently to gather the lost sheep and return them to the Messiah. More and more chosen have awakened. Prepare in spirit and live in FAITH. Our blessed Father is with us and he brought the Kingdom of Heaven with him. Go out and rejoice. Spread the word that salvation is near. I love you all and I pray to the Father that I’m with you all again in his heavenly kingdom. All praise and glory be to the Father and thanks given to his heavenly kingdom.

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