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The Approaching evil and the attacks – McKana


The Approaching evil and the attacks

March 26, 2022 3:31 PM

March 26, 2022

1 Timothy 6:12(KJV)
Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.

Ephesians 6:12-13(KJV)
12. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
13. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

We know the enemy has but short time. With the few “days” left, his evil plan is to hoard as much as he can in the pit of hell. Understanding this, we are for the last and deadly fight. It is important to note that the fight is for the end and the attack is not going to relent but will get even frequent and more sever. The enemy doesn’t attack what is already in his fold, multitudes. Until he finally and suddenly throws them to the fire of hell, he will keep silent of them, deceived, distracted, possessed-demonic and instruments of his hatred and attacks. This is a very deceptive enemy who snares all he can according to their strength and weakness, knowledge and intellect, interest and love of life here on earth and the love of the world. The attack is sever and getting more sever on the children of the Lord, Almighty God. Even though we are give all the power over all the power of the enemy, it is wise not ever underestimate his power and capability.

Until we depart, we are here for the final showdown. To know the enemy is to fight the good fight. We have an enemy who doesn’t sleep, restless and always devising new tricks he can use.

I have been a victim of frequent, sever attacks from the enemy for a long time. From what has been reveled to me, the gifts of the holy spirt, to discern spirits, from the experiences I suffered from the attacks, I have a good understanding of how the enemy works. The enemy comes in a way unexpected, in a time of unawareness, in situations of distractions and relets using his evil entities and those near to us. Time to stand strong before the “Mark” is on and many thrown to an everlasting damnation.

With our victory already won, what is required of us is to do our share.

I am not expecting any one to read all but according to what I am given, I have written a number of messages about the darkness approaching:-

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I have also written, just recently, why the rightouse suffer most from the attack from the enemy.
“Their life is taken from them”, MARCH 17, 2022 4:22 PM, MCKANA


In summary, it is important to see few points why we are attacked and what we can do.

I. The way we chose to live.
The first reason is, humans as they live in this dark world are in constant exposure and invitation of evil, opening the door through the way we chose to live. Knowing the world is full of snares, if we choose to live like the world, we are inviting the enemy. The enemy is in constant pursuit of who he can snare. The scripture tells us, the devil roams around like a lion looking for who he can devoir. Opening the door, knowingly or unknowingly by the way we chose to live makes us all very easy and vulnerable target for the enemy. It is not too late to watch how we live, what we see, what choose to hear and the state of the time.

II. Failure from our side.
Unless the Lord allows it, nothing happens. I remember ones, we encounter an attack and demonic possession of some one we know (Identity kept confidential). I saw a very dark demon sitting on the sofa of the family house like maharaja with its Legs crossed. The evil spirit has a very frightening white evil eyes. I informed the responsible and I also prayed very earnestly. The Lord heard and said “Don’t drag me in to something you can do.” The Lord has given us all the power over all the power of the enemy. This was the attacks we were supposed to take care of. We failed to cast out the demon. When the limit is passed and the line is crossed, the Lord will intervene. Long story short, the end was not good and the person ended up in a lose.
When we fail to do what we can, we suffer the consequences. Point number two is failure from our side. Were we not called to fight the good fight?

III. Their life is taken away from them.

The enemy hits left and right, no one to spare. The struggle between light and darkness will end soon for the earth to be cleanses of its filth forever. Until then, the righteous are the primary targets. The enemy is in a constant hunt trying to find a reason in fabricating a pretext, a sare to attack.

At the same time, when we choose not to live like the world, even before the terrible reign of the son of perdition, we were, we are and we will remain persecuted. Our choice not to live like the world makes us the primary target for the attacks. Our life is not here on this earth but in the heavenly kingdom of our loving Father. Till we depart, we are engaged in a constant spiritual warfare. Failure to know the evil, deadly and deceptive enemy bent to send us to hell is a failure of a life time. To know the enemy is to know the forces of darkness are working hard to send all to the lake of fire of hell forever. Let us fight the good fight while we breath. Ones the breathe is taken, either up in the Kingdom of heaven or deep in the lake of fire forever, there is no middle ground, only one of the two.

IV. The approaching evil

This is what is not clear, also not better understood by many. When I was of young age, I sleep sound, wake up happy and relaxed and lived happy. The Lord was protecting me. I have many evil life encounters but not like what I am going through lately. The last ten years have been real life challenges for me. The attacks, as all have noticed, got more frequent and more sever. I never stopped praying. I felt I am left alone.

It was at this time the Lord gave me a vision of “The planet of the reptilians” as I call it. I have seen the fast approaching Nibiru /Planet-X/wormwood a number of time. I have seen the devastation it brings. At the end, the Lord gave me a vision of this incoming planet very, very close to earth. In this vision, It looks so close to earth to the point of collision. That was the time the Lord in calm small voice said “This is the reason for your sickness.” In addition to what they are coming for, the fast approaching of the fallen is sickening.

The fallen have their agents right here on earth at this very time. The approaching of the fallen activates the evil entities here on earth and we suffer the attacks too.

V. Training
It is also worth mentioning that the Lord wants us to know and have a first hand experience of how much the enemy hats us. This is also a training for us to fight the good fight.

In conclusion, we suffer from the attack of the enemy:-

1. By living like the world and opening the door for the enemy.
2. Through our own failure to use the power and authority given to us by our Lord.
3. For our life is taken for we are not from this earth and our live is not here on earth. We are the citizens of heaven, our conversation is with heaven for we wait our Lord to come.
4. From the approaching evil from the heavens.

Pointing the problem demands for the solution, few points:-

1. Let us use the word of the Lord, our sward, the weapons of the gospel
2. Let us pray ceaselessly, for self, family, relatives friends for the lost and the world at large.
3. Let us read the scriptures continually.
4. Let us Repent and let us not sin again
5. Let us sing songs of praise
6. Let us not live like the world.
7. Let us know our victory is already won and do our share.
8. Let us put the Lord in front of us In everything you do, trusting the Lord with ever aspect of your life. Amen.

I started writing the message above on March 22, 2022. I was under attack to hinder me from completing what I have started. The following is what made me complete it:-

March 26, 2022 7:30AM.

I was under a sever attack throughout the night. I woke up a number of times to pray. I slept at 2:00AM. At 3:00 AM, an attack. I am up until 4:00AM. Another attack at 5:00AM, I got very upset, prayed and slept. At 6:00AM another attack, I prayed and slept a little, then the attack came at 7:30AM,

I heard a big movement, the run of many on the air, as if it is the land. The evil spirits were chased out to the east. I hear the run of many of them. Except the depression and the torment from sleeplessness, I have no idea of the presence of this much, huge number of evil spirits reigning over me. After they are chased out, with the same, huge number of the army of the Lord, I understood and felt the presence of the Lord.

Then, the Lord says:-

1. “Continue with your long prayers.” I was concerned that I am heard when I pray.
2. Saying ”Before I go,” the Lord want me to ask Him what I want before He leaves, I didn’t say anything except, keep me safe from their attacks and the Lord says:
3. “Their attack will not stop.” We know the attack of the enemy is getting worse till the end for the enemy know he has but short time.

Then, towards the east, where the attack of the strong hold is stationed, I saw a big Angle.
I am almost awake, in the spirit I saw a big fair skinned Angel facing toward the west looking at me. An Angel with vey wide shoulder, strong, dressed with something with a winter jacket with furs, white garment underneath. There is light snow outside, I didn’t know it has snowed. On his chest, on the left side, there is a shining white star and I heard “White Stared,” then I knew he is a warrior angel. I saw him above his waste, very charismatic. The charismatic warrior angel is there to ward off the assembly of the evil who were attacking me. I have seen warrior angels of his kind many times. They show up when I am attacked to let me know that they are around.

Fight the good fight to the end!!!

Ephesians 6:12-20(KJV)


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