The American Time Bomb! – Benjamin Faircloth

Benjamin Faircloth

The American Time Bomb!


“America, the fuse to your destruction has been lit! The weight of your sin has been calculated in my scales of justice. Your lies and charades can no longer hide how far away from Me you have truly gone! Your playbook of excuses are exhausted! Your enemies gain their strength by the day. You have forgotten that I AM your only answer and strategy for survival! America the great is written on your heart of pride, America the lost is what I see with My eyes! This is your final hour to prepare for your sudden change. The winds of exchange are blowing and there is nothing you can do about it! Soon you will be trading places with those to whom you have abandoned, walked upon, and walked over! I remember says the Lord. I remember the sins of a people who once knew Me and lived by righteousness. I remember how far they have fallen from Grace, I remember the rejection of My helping hand! What I do to you, will be executed in righteousness and will be meted out in justice. Yet My arms are open to whosoever will! Take shelter in Me, for I AM your only anchor in the coming storm!”

(Scripture reference for this message is Jeremiah 14)

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