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“The Aliens,they DO NOT come in Peace. Do not be deceived” – Karen Gutterman

Karen Gutterman

August 23, 2018

Hi, this has not happened to me before but there is always a first time… word received from the Lord on 8-21-2018.

Write these words my daughter..

The Aliens,they DO NOT come in Peace. Do not be deceived. They will say that to gain your trust but will end up enslaving you all. The time is come. Stay in My WORD! Do not stray from ME. The vision I gave you of the Russian submarines coming along the coasts of the US will be soon,there were nukes going off and people flying up in the air, white bodies ascending as I stood next to Jesus up in the sky a few months ago. Rockets, missiles will be added to the nukes. No where to hide from them. I protect MY Chosen. Many will fly. I come for My little children. The Aliens did not take them. I protect My little ones from them. Do not grieve, but Rejoice! for My time has come to gather those that stay in MY WORD! Much deception comes to all. Be vigilant, stay awake! Know that I am Coming! The darkness will be all over but MY Lights will shine, comforting and doing My works.


Come be with Me. Your rewards are many. Your crowns await you. But you must follow MY path of suffering to redeem them. You are overcomers and I will give you the strength to go thru the tribulations. All must be refined to come to ME. I AM ready to give you all good things, just follow ME. The Father says, TIME IS UP. Be not afraid. I come for you now. I long to hold you in MY arms for the hugs you have been waiting for. Stay the course. It will be over quickly. I AM right there with you! I will anoint you to see past the destruction to see what you long for.Let the WEDDING begin!! Eternity awaits you with ME forever. I AM has spoken .


Rev. 22:12 And behold, I come quickly; and thy reward is with Me, to give everyman according as his work shall be.

submitted by Karen Gutterman 8-23-2018

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  1. Brandi

    Aliens? Why it’s it every time aliens are mentioned in posts, aliens like in movies are shown?

    • Karen Gutterman

      It was odd as I was trying to turn over to take a nap, and I heard to write this down, and He started on about the aliens which I had not even been thinking of. I was really more than half asleep too, so had to keep rousing myself to write. They are fallen angels , but being obedient I just wrote what came. I really was wanting a nap but am working on being obedient. I was like what? who me? aliens? Just write it, He said. Okay.

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