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In 2016 the 3 angel’s from Sodom & Gomorrah visited me since 2008 I have received these visitation’s whether in dream or awake I have been blessed to experience them. Usually when they appear they come during my worship alone time with The Lord or in my dream’s I’m always drawn into the supernatural realm where they are vs ours. They always let me know who they are in the spirit when they come before a judgment of God is carried out they appear in dark tan sackcloth cloaks their robes beneath are white. After judgment is carried out they return wearing black wool cloaks, they carry with them a strong spirit of peace it knocks you out.

Late January 2016 I was in the hot spa at the Ymca in downtown Seattle around 7pm I saw across from me a smaller Archy angel he blow a trumpet then the 3angel’s of Sodom & Gomorrah appeared they sat across from me wearing the black cloak’s I thought this was an unusual place for them to show up but I knew it was a sense of urgency. They came to warn me about New York City 6wks before they erected the Syrian Arch Of Baal Triumph Temple entrance.

I as a Semitic Israelite clearly understood what this meant in the spirit realm it was a clear sign that Satan now has set up a foot hold for Baal worship In Chronicles 2 chapter 10 thru 12 we read about King Jeroboam setting up in Dan & Bethel Golden Calve’s to Baal for Israel to worship Dan & Bethel both have a very interesting history the tribe of Dan lost their inheritance due to serpent worship they were blotted from the 144,000 in the book of Revelation because of this sin. Bethel was a holy place because of the altar Jacob built to God there King David also received he help there from Bethel

Barak Obama was our Jeroboam he did evil in the sight of The Lord he pulled down the ten commandment’s, he placed false God’s of worship before the people he was also the 1st to support late term abortion of 8 and 9mon old babies. The Balphomet statues began to pop up in Florida ,Oklahoma ,Detroit. Barak Obama chased down the true children of the most high.Al the while bringing in muslim terrorist under cover to destroy and do his bidding til this day Barak Obama is bringing them in under the cover of night into the midwest men only no women all muslim between 14-40 Donald Trump has no idea Barak Obama is full of treason.

Thru The Lynden Law meant to shutdown and target Christian’s that opposed him we were jailed oppressed if you weren’t a blind lukewarm in the middle christian who fell down and worship him the same Christian’s who support homosexuality and abortion both sin’s are now open practice among God’s people in the church. Barak Obama throw Christmas out the White House he spent the National Christian Day of prayer each year with Muslim’s his White House staff had not one Christian they were all Muslim or ain’t God,Barak Obama proclaimed in his 2008 election that we were nolonger a christian nation everyone cheered clapped Obama is a Muslim and a homosexual Michelle Obama is a man a tranny God has shown his servant’s some get it other’s don’t I’ve seen the dream’s on Youtube about it.

The goal of the elite was stated in 2016 to place this Arch of Baal Triumph in cities across America a 1000 to be exact being a 1000 points of light to these cities that means Satan. The elite believe Satan to be 1000 points of light, New York City like Bethel in the bible was a beacon of light hope the promises of God coming to pass for Israel. An Arch way for those who were lost, tired, hungry, burdened was America’s model a place of rest. Now The Arch of Baal Triumph is the arch way for Satan’s false light a resting place of devil’s demons the disobedient. It now is like Dan in the bible a place of serpent worship and a place of sacrifice of the young in her abortion clinic’s to Baal New York City.

A portal is what I understood in 2016 from God The Arch of Baal Triumph to be a portal to transport Israel’s sin’s right into America.Solomon in Ecclesiastes chapter 8 for there is nothing new under the sun Baal worship is nothing going on new in America it has been hidden behind close doors all but the symbols of Baal worship thats in the open hidden in plain sight. The Bull of Wall Street,Hollywood, The Music Industry the spirit of Kabul is alive and well in Hollywood Baal sacrifice you can see it at Bohemian Grove’s with the Owl Baal Peor our Leader’s go to this place to sacrifice burn offering’s to this statue.

Yes New York City will be the 1st because of her sin’s I had two dream’s of an nephilim/alein invasion in 2017 coming to New York City they will appear above The Statue of Liberty and destroy her I saw in both dream’s the grey’s and the reptilian nephilim coming to attack shortly after they get to New York City she will be destroyed by war and fire tsunami’s. All those who follow New York City in her disgusting practices will receive her beating her curses on top of the judgments coming from the many sin’s each state in America has committed against the true living God.

God has shown me sign’s of event’s to happen before the final sentencing fall’s on anything worth God’s justice his vindication. Hurricane Sandy in 2012 was that warning sign of event’s to come the flooding the tsunami’s no food or clean water no government help this is what I mean in Staton Island, Rhode Island during Hurricane Sandy folks saw huge waves coming in like tsunami waves The National Weather Service now classify waves not caused by seismic or earthquake activity a type of tsunami wave because of their height these are caused by winds you could see terror on the faces of the people as they said it looked like a tsunami coming in with Hurricane Sandy

The water from Sandy went into Times Square flooding the subway station’s train tracks. Then you saw issue’s our government not being able to help there was no food no water no electricity in alot of the borough’s Hurricane’s are not common to the NE USA. Well our government knows it cant help everyone so Google built FEMA Barges will come and dispose of your bodies your belongings into the oceans by trickery with the promise of help shelter,food instead it will be a Google Fema Barge 10-15miles offshore waiting

Fema train’s waiting to take you to Fema Walmart’s where guillotine’s wait other’s of you will be taken to Fema Prison Camp’s. Helpless we came into this world helpless you shall leave. Now the chain’s of bondage a yoke has been put on us and there is no escape but thru repentance thru Yahushua The Christ. There was no food or water after Hurricane Sandy in alot of areas. I saw video on The Weather Channel of people great and small digging in huge 20,000 pound trash bin’s for food from grocery store’s who had to discard a whole store into the trash.

God has released his sword in New York City in March 2019 it was reported that murder’s are up by 50% in New York City. We are full of wickedness our though are on consent evil so by measure the Lord will give you in weight what you deserve MENE,TEKEL,PEREZ’ This message isnt one I like nor love it’s just what I’m commanded by The Lord I’m so deeply sorry America I’m just the messenger of God. I’ve cried so many tear’s for you but Thhe Lord has asked me not to grieve for you because you knew and did contrary to the word’s of God.

Barak Obama I believe has a spirit of anti christ as spoken about in 1John a vessel a tool but not the actual anti christ. I believe this is what God is telling those who are receiving dream’s about him Revelation 12 doesn’t speak about an anti christ. But calls the him the dragon he then gives power to the 2nd beast who comes out of the sea. Then the 2nd beast gives power to the 3rd beast which rose up out of the earth that’s hell. This beast is the anti christ you see I take the word supernaturally means it’s all spiritual supernatural manifestation’s .Satan isn’t going to let any man rule over his kingdom on earth it will be As In The Day’s Of Noah, when Lucifer walked the earth he will do so agian the other fallen ones as well the seed of Satan is The Nepilim invasion the great alien deception.

Barak Obama is the heart of America think hard on this last thought Barak is Gay,Anti God,Muslim,Pro Late Term Abortion, Servant of Baal,Spirit of Anti Christ, A Mason He’s married secretly to a Transgendered man. ALL OF IT IS AFTER YOUR OWN WICKED HEARTS AMERICA AND THAT’S WHAT GOD GAVE YOU.


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