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November 21, 2022 11:02 AM
Pastor Jose David

Dream & alert to the body of CHRIST

The LORD JESUS bless you all brothers & sisters.
This morning, Monday 11/21/22 at 3:26 a.m. I had a dream & revelation from our LORD JESUS.

In this dream I was at church preaching, I noticed the time was 12 p.m. then suddenly I noticed that the sun stopped giving its light, it became very dark, almost like if there was a storm coming like when it’s about to rain. I saw dark clouds in the sky, these clouds were covering the entire sky over the earth very quickly. It got so dark that it felt like it was already nighttime at 12 p.m. I saw that the lights went on in the homes, but there was a silence. Then, I heard a voice on my right side that said:

“The dark and terrible days are coming, many will weep tears of blood, because the earth has been moaning due to so much evil and sin, the earth is about to collapse. This event will not be just one day, but it will be 3 days of darkness that are soon coming. I have been calling all people to repent, but many do not want to hear or understand, I speak through signs, but they do not want to listen to my voice. I speak in many ways even through the animals, but they don’t want to understand. They days that are coming, have never been seen before or been desired upon this earth. there will be much death and wailing, because the penalty for sin is death. Tell them that I want my people to be ready, humbled in my presence, watching and praying at all times, I will not allow death to come to the door of those who are mine, these dark days will be like the days of darkness that fell over the land of Egypt, where my people were not harmed by the angel of death. Tell them to guard their hearts for me, tell them to gather food and water, because the most difficult days of humanity are upon this earth, many will wish to have never been born, but my judgements are coming because of their disobedience. Be alert to my signs says the HOLY SPIRIT, these are the words for my people that has been washed in the HOLY BLOOD OF JESUS, THE GREAT I AM!

May the LORD JESUS have mercy on us.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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