The 2 BEASTS – Anonymous

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August 24, 2021 8:37 PM

Received April 2021

I am in a city I don’t recognize with my friend. The city looks ruined and the sky is a weird hazy orange color. Standing on top of some crumbling buildings are two giant beasts (at this time they are about the size of a 3 or 4 story building). They looked similar to gorillas, except their hair was very long and shaggy. One of them was red and the other was a sickly green color. The beasts were roaring and about to start destroying more of the city, I had the feeling that the red one was doing most of the destroying and the green one was kind of backing him up. So we started looking for a place to hide, but I was not afraid, I felt calm and focused. My friend and I entered a building and went to the basement. I was trying to find the safest place (kind of like you would in a tornado) and I wanted to go to the right where I saw a small area to hide under, but my friend took that spot and left me stand’ng there alone. I saw stairs to the left, but knew if I went under them I would be crushed. I saw the words “Structurally Sound”. Then I saw a well lit area, it was a room that was all white, in the center of the back wall so I walked into the room. I felt very safe in this white room, and had no fear, the brightness of the room was like it was glowing white, but it didn’t hurt your eyes. I also couldn’t hear anything that was happening outside, even though I knew the city was being destroyed. There was a child, maybe 8 or 9 years old, laying on the ground, he was unconscious. I knelt next to him and was trying to take care of him. Then I noticed someone else in the room. It was a former first lady. She kept talking and pretending like she was trying to be comforting, but you could see her joy and excitement at the destruction taking place. I felt she had been waiting for this, she couldn’t contain her excitement, she seemed giddy. She was pacing around laughing, then she would stop and look at myself and the child and feign concern. She kept trying to make small talk but I never said a word to her. Then I was outside the room and I saw the red beasts foot crush a building with his heel like it was nothing. He looked 10 times bigger now because his heel was the width of the building and he stepped on it and crushed it like it was only a few inches tall to him. After this I was back in the room with the child (who never woke up throughout the dream) and the former first lady, we felt the danger had passed and she excitedly ran up the stairs. I knew she was on her way to continue with her facade/deception; pretending to care but deep down she delighted in the destruction. She was going to put on a show for the public. After she leaves I am back outside with my friend. The city has been totally destroyed, but there is a grassy field in front of us now that we start to walk towards, the sky is also a normal sunset color over the field. We start walking down a path in the field.

End of dream.

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