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THE 144000


Feb 21, 2020 11:26 AM
Collins Ouma

Concerning the 144,000 these are My Special vessels and chosen individuals who have been purified,tested , tried in the furnace of affliction and have been preserved holy, righteous and blameless before Me.

They are them that have not corrupted themselves or their garments in the filthiness of this fallen age. They are them that made the decision to walk holy and righteous before My face. To each of them I have made known of this fact and they know themselves. These are the ones that will be gathered together at My Holy Mountain to offer Me worship and I will personally walk in their midst to train them and give each assignments that I would require of them. They are the ones who will move in My great glory and power to be revealed soon. They will be My mouthpiece to speak forth My word in great power of manifestations of sign and wonders. Do not look down up your age and despise yourself. In you son is bestowed heavenly treasures and resources that will be of great need and importance to My endtime work and activities.

The 144000 is a typical number in reference to My preserved and kept holy remnants who shall wors hip Me and will be used in great gathering of souls..
Many of them have endured and continue to endure harsh, difficult and unheard of afflictions from the enemy. The enemy thinks by afflicting them with all manner of afflictions and suffering that My purposes in them shall not be achieved. The more they are weak in their bodies the more and great is My power and strength for My glory is made manifest in weaknesses. They are fully ready for My final call to assemble and gather them. Let not their heart faint. I see all the suffering ,trials,persecutions that the enemy is throwing at them. In due season they will all be delivered and set free forever to do My bidding here on earth.

To My other sons and Daughters I am still has plans for each of you. My choosing the 144000 is according to grace and only Me know why some are chosen and some not chosen. Be content in the level or situation that My Holy Spirit has placed you. I know some will grumble, complain of My unfairness but My ways, My thoughts and My plans are far much higher than man’s. To each of you I have a purpose that each one of you must accomplish and achieve before coming to where I am.

So each one of you according to the grace given by the Holy Spirit serve faithfully knowing that you are serving Me not man. And any service rendered to Me is of much importance and significant before My eyes. Let each one of you esteem his brother or sister more better than himself and may always the Spirit of humility be abiding in you for the greatest among you must be the least and servant of all. For no man is great before My sight. For I esteem each one alike for with Me there is no partiality. I love you My children with an equal love to each and everyone of you.

Shalom , love and grace
Br Collins Ouma
Busia Kenya


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