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January 22, 2022 9:14 AM
Daniel Masika

Dear Beloved Jonathan
Greetings and Blessing From Above, It a great Blessing Having you in Our Family as This was a Divine Connection and Big Big Thank You for being A hand of Hope to the Hopeless and a feet of Messiah to the Poor and a mouth piece of Hope

With Divine assignment, we are Humbled and amazed at the Level of Love that is Manifested Through You the Agape of Christ is Demonstrated through You Humble Vessel , We Give God Glory for You always in Our Prayers !!!!!

-Childrens are Happy,
Encouraged ,Having Food ,Clothes and Education Through This Donation ,You are Making huge Impact and we are Very Thankful, we made small Video to Help You see a journey we have Come and where Your Donation go, Please Watch Below Video,

Please we humble Covert Your Prayers as we have a Little Girl by the Name alice She is Eight Months now She is the Youngest, he begun on December 16th having frequent infections, mouth ulcers, nosebleed, pale skin, shortness of breath, swollen lymph nodes, weakness we Thought It was Malaria or typhoid so we took her Nearby Clinic we Thought we Can handle This after their took her flesh for samples the result was not Good , we have done everything Possible but we will need some Help on it, Their told us its Curable but it will Take 2-3 Years of going through Medication and Therapy , and their want us to start Treatment Now to save her But we have been Referred to Cancer center, Their Need some Deposit but we have no Funds, Their need $6900 Below is here Picture and Medical Report if You Can Help Little we will be Thankful

Much Love
Daniel and the Team

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