Testimony – Rose


Jan 9, 2020 3:42 AM


Praise report unto Yahusha  (Yeshua, Christ)  Messiah as ‘The Lamb sacrifice’ that both Covenants declare,  therefore as ONE (Echad) Covenant ; expounding somehow on dream that I received on Hanukkah (means; dedication)  in 2018  about 3 wounds  as my testimony;

As I was looking (in dream on HANUKKAH) at 3 wounds as huge gaps in front of my neck as I was standing, in an instant they were healed!  With that dream ended.

Impressed on me by the Lord to end with this;  Make sure you are found, known in Him. Know the deeper meaning of its context. It is easy to say I know Him, but does He know you.
Loving greetings,


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