Tempest – John Harwood


Sep 14, 2019, 3:39 PM
John Harwood

I have been a subscriber to your page for about a year and have been a follower of Jesus since 2001. The Lord speaks to me often with discernment of everyday events and circumstances along with showing the Holy Spirit through my photography but I have never had anything in my sleep that I can remember until last night.

I was given one word last night and it was “TEMPEST”. The word came to me multiple times throughout my dreams and it was to the point that I was analyzing the word in my dreams to make sure it was from the Lord. I had never heard of this word before that I recall but it was so intense that I woke up and wrote it down so I wouldn’t lose it and research it’s meaning this morning.
Attached are two screen shots of it’s meaning and synonyms. It was confirmation for me that we are last hours of life as we have known it. I felt I must share this warning to the world that there is a violent storm coming, so prepare your hearts, minds, and souls, so that when it hits you will not fear but seek the Lord Jesus Christ for the strength to get through the coming storm. God loves everyone and does not want anyone to parish without knowing him. Pray now that he will protect your every step.
God Bless,
John Harwood
I am not ashamed of my God or my Lord Jesus Christ.

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