Warning, Death, Judgment, REPENT, Word

TELL THEM… – Anne Jackson Harris



December 18, 2022
Anne Jackson Harris

12/18/22 The word of the Lord!

I the Lord God will do nothing unless I reveal it to My Servants the Prophets. I have sent warnings, after warnings time and time again and the people refuse to take heed.

Tell them Death, Hell, & Destruction are before them. Tell them I have given them space to repent and they refuse too. Tell them My judgment is now upon the earth, and that it is coming swiftly, and I will not leave one stone unturned.

Tell them, Many that belong to Me, I will take home to be with me, because they will not be able to handle what’s coming. Tell them to prepare themselves. Tell them, I the Lord have spoken.

In the day you hear My voice, harden not your hearts, says the Lord.

Repent while you still have breath in your body!


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