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Tell the people to buy Fenbendazole now while they still can – Anno.Domini.144K


Tell the people to buy Fenbendazole now while they still can

October 21, 2023 10:08 PM

In a dream vision, the Holy Spirit showed me a scene where I saw a woman standing disappointed in the kitchen of her home. A service or delivery man had come by the door only a minute before and, thinking she was not at home, had shortly left. The doorbell of the front door did not work and she had missed him. The van was already gone, and when she looked out the kitchen window, she saw the van turning the street corner. She faintly remembered the name of the service man, a Mr. Finnbend. She looked down her roster of companies that came by to do house maintenance, and there he was on the list.

Upon waking from this dream, at first, I did not recognize its meaning. I assumed it was just a random dream of flotsam and jetsam generated by the subconscious. But the name Finnbend kept repeating in my mind and would not go away. I finally asked the Holy Spirit if the dream had truly been prompted my Him and to clarify any message He wished to convey. “The word is Fenben, not Finnbend,” He answered. “Fenben is the short name for the dewormer Fenbendazole.”

A year ago in October of 2022, the Holy Spirit had told me that Fenbendazole would be an unofficial treatment for the coming plague of viral hemorrhagic fever (possibly Marburg), and I had posted this word of knowledge on the 444 Prophecy News website:


And a year before that, in October of 2021, the Holy Spirit had told me to look to the dewormers for treatments for the coming plagues. I posted that word of knowledge on the 444 Prophecy News website as well:


Recently, I learned that during the Ebola epidemic of 2013-2016 in West Africa, in the US Military’s Operation United Assistance, US military physicians used the dewormer Fenbendazole off label to effectively treat personnel in Africa suspected of having Ebola.

So, now after having a third word of knowledge from the Holy Spirit about Fenbendazole, I asked why He sent me this specific dream. “Because the people will have only a small window of opportunity to purchase Fenbendazole for their home medicine cabinets. As you saw in the dream, the woman missed her chance,” He explained. “When the plague begins, Fenbendazole will fly off the shelves and be nearly impossible to find. Those in power will hoard it for themselves at the cost of others’ lives. Tell the people to buy Fenbendazole now while they still can. Lives hang in the balance.”

Thank you, Holy Spirit the Comforter, for your concern and compassion for humankind. Enkindle our hearts with the fire of your love! Help us to save souls in the Great Harvest and save lives too!


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