TELL MY CHILDREN – Judy Reynolds


May 30, 2020
Judy Reynolds

This Word was given after I saw a vision about 2 pm.
I was in prayer and worship, and then I suddenly saw a dial close up. The dial was black with a raised knob on it, only 2 settings. The one on the left was 1, the one on the right was 2, the dial was at 2.

The Lord also expounded and explained to me about Joy.

“Tell My children the dial is being turned up to two. Forsake this world: sorrow, sighing, sadness and mourning, they need to forsake this world, so that you can TRUST ME! You need to BELIEVE in ME, not what you see.  Your HOPE lies in ME, therefore you are NEVER without HOPE. Ask for the revelation No lie=No fear. Unbelief is sin. Fear is unbelief. Fear is sin.”

These scriptures immediately came to mind.

Perfect love casteth out all fear for fear hath to do with torment.

Be ye perfect therefore as your heavenly father is perfect.

Thou hast perfected those that are being sanctified.
We must see with faith now, our eyes upon HIM.
The kingdom of God is Peace, Joy and Love in the Holy Spirit.

Jesus said “Those in fear cannot experience my FULL Joy, fear has to go and  those that know My love abide in Me, and have My Joy WILL obey the Lords commands. A NEW DAY is COME. You will war from a place of strength, not a place of mourning.”

The Joy of the Lord is my strength. We are seated with Christ in Heavenly places.

These thoughts were sort of downloaded to me:

Joy will be the difference in God's children, a distinct trait, the fearful will not have this Joy, we may "feel" fear yet not serve fear, we will have joy. Like Joshua and Caleb, we will not fear but we will take the land. Jesus in the garden before the cross..for the hope set before Him. We too will have this hope set before us in our time of need. Thou shalt not KNOW fear is in a psalm, and They that KNOW their GOD shall do great exploits which is in Daniel. Joy is the nature of heaven, and Jesus was given Joy above all his companions. Ive had a surprise of Gods Joy upon me for a few weeks, and it is wonderful. This is a new level of joy, and forsaking fear as like an enemy as it is.

God has been freeing me and drawing me ever closer to Him and this Joy is IN HIM. I am not putting every scripture but here are the main two this word is based off of.

REVELATION 14:1-5, and ZEPHANIAH chapters 1-3, which verse 5 in Revelation and verse 3:13 in
Zephaniah matches..so confirming. Gods children will have no lie in their mouths.

Also Jude verse 24, Romans 14:17,18, Luke 24:52,53

Jesus did not sign off with His name this time, the first time so I have put in quotations what He said, however, the thoughts all came right after His word and vision. May God richly bless you brothers and sisters, and may we pray for the Latter rain of the
Holy Spirit to fall on ALL now!


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