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Take your Side Now

October 18, 2023 9:29 PM
Sammy Omosh

Below is a message the Lord has placed in my spirit at 2am on the 19th of October 2023

After coming out of a dream vision past midnight. It,s either you choose hell or heaven,serving me or the devil, righteousness or evil.it,s either your name written in the book of Life or not.Every choice is for Eternity.There is no middle ground or in between.Sudden death is coming on the Earth Where will your soul go to if you die as a result of Earthquake,a tsunami wave,famine,war,terror or pestilence?Say your good byes to the old good days which is now vanishing like vapour in the atmosphere.

Can’t you see how much your world has changed,compared to the 70,s,80,s or even 90,s.Only the blind can’t tell the difference! Rapid changes are now set in motion to the very end .Can,t you perceive these changes happening now in your spirit.(I have been restless much of the night.No peaceful sleep.iam writing and silently interceding.)

Don’t dwell on when in my time table of events.The when is mine to determine and has been determined in the heavens already.

I hear in 2024 everything will be Great.Great Earthquakes,Great wars, Great famine, Great pestilence,Great turmoil, Great shakings in all dimensions.Calamities will escalate to a whole new level.i got to hear recently that there was an outbreak of a disease in Southern India.There was a total lockdown in that region(a glimpse of what is to come.).

In a dream last month I see what looks like a terror event.There is a large column of a crowd walking close to each other exiting out of town.i then hear a gunshot in the air. Time-Evening.

Today the 19th of October 2023,the scene is replayed again at 12:10am.I find myself inside a club/Entertainment joint.It,s packed to capacity and there are drinks lining each table.I stand next to the window looking outside.i then see a smoke cloud ascending up not far from where I was.I then see a heavily clad and armed alshabab terrorist standing next to me wielding a big rifle ready to start shooting at will.I then see this huge column of people outside, walking adjacent to each other in a panic mode. Time-Evening (6-7-8-9pm)In that club,I could see lights were on.The Lord made me aware that they are experts at changing plans/tact s.I don’t know if they still have plans of striking a storey building during the day as I had conveyed earlier on.Pray that terror shall not come near you(Isaiah 54:14)

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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