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September 1, 2023 1:25 PM



Share My words, for time is ticking and the end is nigh.

Daughter, what do you hear?

Father I hear sirens

Yes, daughter this is correct

Daughter, what do you see?

Father I see a map of the US and I see bombs falling in select areas, I also hear the word Guam

Yes, daughter pray for Guam and its inhabitants, for war is on the horizon. Yes, daughter tell the people and warn them Guam will be attacked and to pray for the souls of mankind.

Daughter, what do you see?

Father, I see people in a business watching the news intently.

Yes, daughter this is correct.

Daughter, I tell ye the truth, bombs will drop, mass deaths will occur and only in select places will the news be broadcast. Mobile phones will receive national alerts to notify the phone users to obey GOVERNMENT. This will be overridden by ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, this is the time of the “TAKE OVER.” Daughter, I repeat Myself, “Thus saith the LORD (YHWH), This is the time of the “TAKE OVER.” Daughter, warn the people that many if not most in levels of authority have been compromised to make way for the son of perdition who will soon come out of the shadows and take his place. Daughter, tell the people to separate themselves unto Me and be careful who they align themselves with for many have already begun to merge themselves with ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE

Daughter, My hidden ones will know soon enough who has merged with the beast as all will soon make a final choice what side they stand for. A great shaking cometh. Every mountain and island will be moved and the kings of the earth will tremble and fear, for they will hide themselves thinking they shall escape the great and terrible day of the LORD (YHWH)

Daughter, do you remember 9-11-2001?

Yes, Father

Daughter, share your experience:

Father, I was in college. I came home at lunch to study. I walked in the house and turned on the tv for a moment and I was shocked at the planes that had hit the twin towers. I had never experienced that feeling prior to that day, a feeling of sadness for what occurred to those who lost their lives. I felt sorrow for their family members.

Yes, daughter, for this day was the beginning of a great war on mankind to enslave them and to make a mockery of Me but I sit in the heavens and laugh for they will not reach their desired destination and they will not accomplish their objective. I the LORD (YHWH) am GOD and GOD (YHWH) alone

Daughter, warn the people that the day of reckoning approaches. Daughter, warn the people to repent. Daughter warn the people to choose whom this day they will serve. Daughter warn the people that many will lose their lives soon and it will be far greater than the shock from 9-11-2001. Daughter, tell the people I love them. Daughter, tell My remnant not to look back but to advance with Me looking to the Author and Finisher of their faith. This is the Kingdom!

In the name of

Jesus Christ, Yahushua HaMashiach, The Alpha and Omega

Holy Spirit

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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