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Holy Spirit Wind

Take Aim and Set Your Focus on Me Now Like a Laser!

The Lord spoke this to me the Thursday morning 12-13-18 in worship…

“Simplicity, you have been shooting with birdshot trying to hit a little bit of everything but now I want you to be laser-focused and take aim on what I am saying.”

Here is the song I was listening to when He spoke: Simplicity – Rend Collective

I asked Him what He meant and He said He was talking to Me about the ministry of the WhistleblowerJeff website. He said that I need to post less articles, especially news and keep keenly focused on Him and what He has been telling all of us is most important. He also said that the time for that website is short because the warnings are going to stop as America enters a time of deeper judgment. As someone said to me in the last few days “There is no need to ride around like Paul Revere yelling ‘The British are Coming!’ when you can look out your front door and see that the British are HERE.”

I asked the Lord Saturday morning 12-15-18 if He wanted to speak to His children concerning this and He said “Yes”and He also added more on 12-16-18. This is what He would like to say to you:

“My children, stop looking at everything around you and focus on Me! In the time that you have been placed on the Earth men have lost their focus and their thoughts are scattered. This is due to the technology of this day and the busyness of lives. Very few sit down and contemplate the meaning of their lives and why I put them here. If they do, they look up the answer on Google and take the answer they give for almost everything. This is very dangerously deceiving! Google answers immediately but their answers are not My answers. Fewer still are those who believe that I AM the only way to the Father. To hear My answers you must quiet yourself before Me, wait upon Me and seek Me with your whole heart. I alone give the answers that satisfy a man’s longing in his heart. I AM the answer!

My children, I give you an example from your world so you may understand. When birdshot is fired from a gun and it spreads and sprays out in a general area. You will hit the target but with very little power. This is how most of even My people have their relationship with Me. Many of you pray in this way here a little and there a little, guessing and hoping, sometimes hitting the target but most of the time you are not. I want you to hit the target with power all of the time, knowing and praying My will! Laser sites are used on more powerful weapons to hit the target with extreme accuracy and power. If you are not taking aim and concentrating on Me as a laser site on the target, you will miss most of what I am saying and doing right now. You need to focus on Me and hear what I am saying for yourself, with your own spiritual ears. A time is coming soon when all of the watchmen and prophets on the internet, TV and radio will be silenced. My true word will be scarcer than gold! You need to know My voice yourself! You need to spend quality alone time with Me, this is your target practice! When you have practiced being in My presence, you will pray My will and your prayers will be answered the way you pray them.

You will also need to aim your spiritual laser sight at your enemy and fire upon him where a when I tell you to. Do you think you will slay a dragon with birdshot? I will make you like David and you can take out Goliath with one shot if you do as I say. My words spoken in power and authority are like a laser guided missile system against the enemy who will have no defense against them. In the coming days this will be so very important. You need to begin this NOW!

Lastly My children, you are not to be aiming or using your spiritual weapons against your brothers and sisters, they are not your enemies. If you do this, you are doing the enemy’s work. Let not gossip proceed out of your mouth. When you believe that your brothers and sisters are wrong pray to Me and I will show you what to do. Do not assume that you know the perfect answer in every situation, you are not God! I AM the judge of the heart and I long to show mercy and grace and restore into right relationship, those who have gotten off of the narrow path. Speak My truth in love and correct only after you have sought My will in laser focused prayer.”

After this I asked the Lord what are the things that His people should be looking for in the near future. This was His answer:

“Large Earthquakes and other Earth Changes, The Fiery Kick Off Event, Absolute Financial Collapse, Civil War in many places and Nation Waring against Nation, Persecution, Sickness and Disease, Famine, Death Surrounding on Every Side, Darkness and Evil Overtaking Almost Everything but the then Transformation of the Remnant/Bride and the Great Harvest. All of these things and more will happen BEFORE My people are evacuated off of the Earth.

My children, simply humble yourselves before Me, take aim and set your focus on Me now like a laser!

Jesus Christ

Yahshua ha Mashiach”

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