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Survival Preps For Nuclear War, Tribulation And The Second Exodus: Part Two – Bro. John in Mo

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Survival Preps For Nuclear War, Tribulation And The Second Exodus: Part Two

April 12, 2024 3:52 PM
Bro. John in Mo.

Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus to all the Saints of God. Over the past few weeks I have felt led of the Lord to make known a few more survival tips to the remnant of Christ who might have little or no knowledge in preparing for the coming hard times. As World War 3 now seems closer every day, I thought I might add a supplement… a “Part Two” to my original article titled “Survival Preps For Nuclear War, Tribulation, And The Second Exodus” listed here: www.444prophecynews.com/survival-preps-for-nuclear-war-tribulation-and-the-second-exodus-bro-john-in-mo/ I personally have been preparing spiritually and physically for over 30 years now for the prophetic events mentioned in the Holy Bible, and I sincerely hope some of the information below will be of some interest and benefit to you in the days ahead.

#1 FATS AND OILS. Fat is often thought of as being undesirable in the diet. However, it is a very concentrated form of energy, and some fat is essential for proper nutrition. Liquid oils are usually substantially higher in the essential fatty acids than the solid forms. During wartime and famine, it is absolutely essential to be well stocked up on whatever kind of cooking oil that you personally use. Whether you use Crisco, Coconut Oil, Veg. Oil, Olive Oil, Lard, etc., your body is going to need lots of fats, so buy all of the fats/cooking oils that you possibly can RIGHT NOW, while you can still obtain it. A war time survival diet should include at least one ounce per person per day of fat, or cooking oil, which in the form of vegetable shortening, or vegetable oil, would add about 250-270 calories to your diet. This totals about 23 pounds for a one year supply for one person. Please trust me on this… you will not regret having been prepared in advance by stockpiling fats and oils before the soon coming war breaks out. THIS ITEM IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL!

#2 PEANUT BUTTER. Peanut Butter is believed to have been invented by a doctor in St. Louis back in 1890. It was intended to be like a health food for people with poor teeth. It is actually very nutritious. It is a good source of fiber, it has vitamins, it’s a very good source of protein, and it also contains fats and oils. As I stated, fats and oils will be essential during wartime. Peanut Butter is also very filling, it can be spread on many different things to eat, and it can be stored for long term use. I personally buy the four pound Great Value brand found at WalMart. They are the least expensive that you will probably find. I personally consider this a critical food storage item, due to the fact that it contains protein, and needs no refrigeration for storage

#3 DOCTOR PRESCRIBED PHARMACEUTICALS. As soon as possible, please call your doctor, or ask in person to see if you can get all of your medications switched to being re-filled every 3 months, (a 90 day supply) if you have not already done so. Many doctors and insurance companies will do this for you, and it may even make the cost of some of your medications even less expensive. By doing this, you will bring less stress on yourself by having a three month supply on hand when the coming war time chaos starts. Also make sure to have a couple extra pill-cutters on hand, because major rationing is coming, and having a safe quick way to cut your pills will be very helpful.

#4 PHARMACEUTICAL ALTERNATIVES. If you are on any doctor prescribed pharmaceutical medications, now is the time to begin your personal research into natural herbal alternatives, in case you are no longer able to get your prescriptions filled because supply chain issues and war-time rationing. Psalm 104:14 states: “He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth.” God put these various trees and herbs on the earth to be be a blessing to us, make us healthy, and to help bring healing into our ailing physical bodies.

HAWTHORNE BERRY: This is a valuable herb for the heart and circulation, and heart trouble. The berries reduce high blood pressure caused by hardening of the arteries and kidney disease, while the flowers are used for the “aging” of the heart and for those with heart-valve disease. This herb has both the ability to both LOWER high blood pressure and to bring LOW blood pressure back to normal. This herb can also help angina, irregular heartbeat, spasm of the arteries (as with Reynaud’s Disease), and insomnia with a nervous origin.

GARLIC : Garlic is a natural antibiotic, expectorant, and an overall great healing medicine. It’s expectorant action makes it excellent for chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, and many lung ailments. Garlic also builds the blood, lowers blood pressure, counteracts arteriosclerosis, and benefits the circulation of blood. Garlic helped save the life of many Russians during World War Two due to its antimicrobial properties, and it is actually been nicknamed “Russian Penicillin.”

CAYENNE : Cayenne Pepper (capsicum) is the most powerful natural stimulant know to man. In powder form, it can be placed into an open wound to stop bleeding in an emergency, and help promote healing. It greatly helps stimulate the blood and the heart, and it increases and strengthens the heart. It is excellent to increase blood circulation, and if taken quickly, it can actually stop a heart attack in progress! Because of its great circulatory properties, when combined with garlic, it is sometimes as effective as receiving a shot of penicillin. Because cayenne aids and promotes circulation, it helps “push” the garlic to where it is needed in the body quicker. If you have heart and circulation problems, high blood pressure, and want an effective alternative antibiotic, (meaning the garlic) then stockpile Cayenne and Garlic.

OIL OF OREGANO: Oil of oregano is a strong natural antibiotic that helps fight infection, and is a natural anti inflammatory, and analgesic giving it pain relieving properties.

OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT: This natural remedy also has similar strong antibiotic and anti inflammatory properties similar to oil of oregano.

COLLOIDAL SILVER: Silver is also a natural antibiotic, with other health benefits also. Many years ago settlers would put a silver dollar in the bottom of their milk/water buckets to help fight off disease, and to keep their water and milk pure. The benefits of silver have been known for hundreds of years. This knowledge was known to rich people, because their eating utensils were made of silver, hence the term: “Born with a silver spoon in his mouth” actually has some validity. You can buy a colloidal silver generator and make your own, or you can buy it already made in bottles. Just google “Colloidal Silver” and you will find all the info you need.

MSM: (methylsulfonylmethane) MSM is a natural occurring compound found in vegetables, meat and dairy products, and it is a source of natural sulfur. It is an effective natural anti inflammatory, greatly helping in the relief of arthritis, joint pain, back pain, skin inflammation, and many other problems where pain is present. Back in December of 2016, I was hurting with pain in both my lower and upper back. I had heard of MSM for many years, and finally decided to try it. I hate taking any kind of off the shelf pain relievers such as ibuprofen, etc. so something that was all-natural greatly appealed to me. If I remember correctly it was Dec.16, 2016, and that day I was bothered with much pain in my back between my shoulders.

I went to Walmart and found a bottle of MSM caplets in the vitamin section, so I purchased them and popped a couple of the tablets when I got home. No relief. I popped one or two more before bedtime. No relief. The next morning I took some more MSM tablets, and it was not until very late in the day that I actually realized that I had no pain in my back whatsoever throughout the whole day! I do believe that MSM greatly works to help relieve many types of pain, in fact I have not missed a day of taking MSM since that day back in Dec. 2016. Go to: www.msm-info.com and do your own research on this product to see if it may possibly help you. I can no longer find it at Walmart, so I now buy mine online at www.puritan.com. I also buy their 1000mg. fish oil there, because they are cheaper than Walmart. I have never had any problems ordering online with this company (Puritan) or with their products.

FOOD GRADE DIATOMACEOUS EARTH: D.E. is wonderful natural product that I started using back in April of 2013. It is a fine powder like substance that is actually the fossilized remains of phytoplankton called diatoms which was deposited in the earth after Noah’s flood. Under a microscope, this powder actually looks similar to Rice Chex Cereal. To the touch of a human or animal it is harmless, but to many bugs and creepy crawlers with exoskeletons, when they make contact with it it actually cuts up their exoskeleton and they dehydrate and die. D.E. can be safely used in gardens to kill many critters safely, and it is also safe to use on animals internally and externally. When food grade D.E. is mixed with water, juice, etc. and taken internally, it has many great benefits. Like MSM, it has pain relieving properties that will have a beneficial effect on all of the joints in your body. It will also start to slowly detox your entire body once it is ingested.

If you have parasites or worms in your body, this will get them out, not by chemical reaction, but physical contact…it will cut them up, they will die, and you can see them in your bowel movement! D.E. In food grade form is completely harmless taken internally mixed with a liquid. Over time it will actually scrub out the walls of your gut, colon, veins and arteries. I have heard reports of some folks dropping 20-40 points or more on their cholesterol readings within a month or two of starting D.E., also it has been know to help lower blood pressure. Bacteria, viruses, etc. inside the body all have a positive charge, but D.E. has a negative charge, so it will help draw the unwanted substances in our body to the negative charge of the D.E., and it is then eliminated when you use the bathroom. Taken over time it also has a great effect on the skin, hair and nails because it is about 80-90 percent silica, and it contains other essential trace minerals. Many have also reported that age spots on their skin have disappeared with regular use.

Do your own research on D.E., I have taken two heaping table spoons per day now for the past 11 years with many good effects. (to start, take no more than a level teaspoon for a week or so, because with some people it causes a detoxing effect…do your own research!) The only type for human and pet consumption is Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. There is another type for use in pool filters,etc. that you do not want! Just make absolutely sure that it is labeled “Food Grade.” I buy mine by the 50 pound bag from a Christian company in Nebraska, you can find them at: www.earthworkshealth.com. For those of you that suffer with back pain, knee pain and all forms of joint pain, you may want to give MSM and D.E. a try. I personally use both, and I will continue to use it as long as I can obtain it.


#5 VITAMINS. Now is the time to stockpile whatever kind of vitamins or multi-vitamins that you take on a daily basis. If possible, put several years worth of vitamins away. In the future, our diets are more than likely to be anything but nutritious, and will probably lack the nutrition that we are receiving now at this present time. Disease, famine and war will take its toll on the health of many, and supplementing what we eat with vitamins may help keep us stronger and more able to fight off disease. Even if you can only afford the cheapest vitamin brands, start stockpiling them now.

#6 SLEEPING BAGS. In my first article that goes by the same title as this one, I mentioned Wiggy’s Sleeping Bags. (www.wiggys.com) I have since purchased two of their sleeping bags (The -60 below Hunter Antarctic, and the 0 degree tan mummy style bag) These bags are of EXCELLENT QUALITY! The zippers are large and heavy duty. Wiggys sleeping bags are even in use by some branches of the U.S. Military, and they are made here in the U.S.A., with American made materials, and they carry a lifetime warranty. There is a very good chance that some of us are soon going to have to flee into the wilderness to escape persecution, war, and the mark of the beast. I call this soon coming event “THE SECOND EXODUS” Who knows, soon some us may be hiding out up in the Rockies, way up above the timber line in the future. The 0 degree mummy bag that I purchased will fit into the -60 below bag for extra warmth. I personally get cold very easily, so I opted for two bags.

The -60 bag I purchased is now on sale until 5/29/24 for $255.00 ( $30.00 cheaper than I paid) Staying warm in the future will be of great concern during war, power outages, fuel shortages, etc., so get these high quality bags while you still can. I feel much better just knowing that I have them for the time of trouble that is now coming upon us. (which is already here in my opinion) I am confident that with the Lord’s help, if I have to bug-out on some cold, dark, snowy night, and the temp. is -5 below zero, I now have the ability to sleep warmly in the back of my truck with these high quality sleeping bags. I ordered them online, and they arrived three days later. I recommend this company.

#7 HOME DEFENSE. It is my own personal opinion that every lawful law-abiding American citizen should own a Shotgun, Rifle, and Pistol. Regarding home defense, I am speaking strictly to those who have absolutely no knowledge of firearms, yet you may be feeling led to purchase a weapon to defend yourself in your home. There is no home defense weapon that is more devastating than a 12 gauge shotgun loaded with 00 (double ought) buckshot. Another good home defense round would be #1 buckshot. One shotgun blast with double ought buckshot would be like being shot 8 or 9 times with a .33 caliber round of lead, because that’s aprox. how many pellets are in each double ought shotgun shell. I have a Winchester Defender loaded with 00 buck laying up against the wall in my bedroom. I sleep very well at night knowing Mr. Winchester is on standby 24/7.

There are several types of 12 gauge shotguns to chose from, they would include: an automatic, a pump, a single shot, and a double barrel shot gun. For home defense, I would go with a 12 gauge pump action shot gun. Most automatics will work fine, but I don’t want to take a chance on a shell jamming in the automatic, and there is less chance of that happening with a 12 gauge pump. A singe shot shotgun would be the cheapest to purchase, but you would need to reload after every shot. A double barrel would be better, but a pump action would be best in my opinion. (you would have 4 or 5 shots available before you needed to reload)

The best thing about a shotgun loaded with 00 (double ought buckshot) is that it is ideal for someone who has no knowledge or skill with guns. In other words, you do not have to be an expert shot… you just point and shoot. The bad guys will go down. HARD. Some of the top brand names would be: the Winchester Defender and the Mossberg model 500. Remington also makes some good shotguns. Look for a 12 gauge with an 18″ barrel, this would be the best for home defense. An 18 inch barrel is the shortest barrel you can legally own, and it is basically what many police officers carry in their vehicles.

#8 FIRST AID KIT/SUPPLIES. If you have not already stockpiled basic first aid supplies, please make this a priority NOW! Get enough rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, gauze, bandages, wraps, band-aids, medical tape, pain relievers, antacids, etc. Also be sure to have anti-diarrhea medication on hand, as a severe case of diarrhea can actually kill you due to dehydration. This one simple medication for severe diarrhea could be a life saver. You can buy already made first-aid kits, or simply make your own by purchasing some of the items listed above, and keeping them in a tackle box, or zippered duffel bag to carry with you on the go. A good first aid book would also be a very helpful item in the future.

#9 EMERGENCY TALK COMMUNICATIONS. C.B. RADIO. If you do not already have a C B (citizen band) Radio, this would be a very useful item to have when the grid and cell phone system goes down. If you had a C.B. in your vehicle, and one in your home, you could keep in contact with other family members during an emergency. You would need an antenna for your vehicle, and an antenna mounted on your gutter or roof at home. Even if all power was off nationwide the C.B. would still work because it would run off of your car battery in your vehicle, and off of a deep cycle battery at home.

According to the terrain, you would be able to talk to one another from several miles away. By purchasing two C.B. Radios with SSB (Single Side Band) this would greatly increase the range of communication between both the vehicle and the base unit at home. C.B. Radios and antennas can be found at some of the larger truck stops, electronic stores and online. Cobra is a good brand name that has been around for many years, Midland and Uniden are good ones also. Of course if we are hit with an E.M.P. nuclear burst, this would probably fry the electronics in both of the C.B. Radios, so having a couple of spare radios and antennas properly stored would be ideal for communications after an E.M.P.

HAM RADIO. Ham Radio is also an excellent choice for emergency talk communications, but with most of them you need a license, which is actually really not that hard to obtain. Ham radio will be the backbone of of survival communications during an emergency. Most of the people on ham radio are of the “prepper” mindset and have taken measures to protect their radios from the effects of an E.M.P. attack. With a H.F. (High Frequency) ham radio you can both talk to others and receive shortwave radio broadcast from in the U.S., and around the world.

#10 SHORTWAVE RADIO RECEIVER. In two of my other articles here at the 444prophecynews website, I have listed the importance of obtaining a shortwave radio. Once again I feel led of the Lord to speak about this VERY IMPORTANT ITEM that I want all of you to do your very best to obtain as soon as possible. A shortwave radio receiver is only to RECEIVE communications, is not to talk or communicate with others. There are two different shortwave radios on the market, ones that can receive only broadcast radio communications, (from an actual shortwave radio broadcast studio) and shortwave radios that have SSB (Single Side Band) What you want is a shortwave that has the SSB capability. A shortwave radio with SSB will pick up BOTH shortwave studio broadcast stations, PLUS HAM RADIO, C.B, MILITARY, FEMA, AM, FM, etc. Please hear me…THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT ITEM THAT YOU NEED TO OBTAIN NOW BEFORE WORLD WAR 3 STARTS!

Also, if possible have a couple of back-up radios properly stored in metal ammo boxes to protect from the effects of an E.M.P. attack. With a shortwave radio that has SSB, you will be able to hear ham radio operators all over the country when a nationwide calamity hits, such as massive multiple earthquakes, nuclear war, civil war, etc. When all other stations are off the air, you will still be able to hear ham radio operators with this type of radio. There are many good shortwave radios that have SSB on the market today, but the problem is most of them now are now powered by lithium batteries. I have been prepping for over 30 years now, and while I certainly don’t know everything about prepping, I have gained quite a bit of knowledge on certain things. That being said, my advice to you is to stay away from shortwave radios that require and use lithium batteries.

If you want to use these type of radios for everyday use, that’s fine, but in a prolonged emergency, forget it. There are only two new shortwave radios out there that I know of that have SSB capability and still operate on alkaline batteries. That would be the C. Crane Skywave SSB 2, which has many good features, and operates on only 2 AA alkaline batteries. It lists for $199.99 at: www.ccrane.com. The other radio is the Eaton Elite Executive Satellite Shortwave Radio. I saw a new one the other day at www.ebay.com for $159.99. This radio takes 4 AA alkaline batteries. I’m sure you can find them at www.amazon.com also. These are the kind of emergency radios that you want…ones that still take good old fashioned alkaline batteries. Alkaline batteries are now still readily available, so stockpile many extras away. Those who are new to prepping, and have bought radios that operate exclusively on lithium batteries are going to be out of luck when the war starts, because these lithium batteries are a “specialty battery”, and they will not be readily available at your local Walmart, Drugstore, Gas Station, etc.

To top it off….they need to be recharged in order to be used. Good USED shortwave radios with SSB, and that operate on alkaline batteries can be found at www.ebay.com. I recently purchased another Grundig YB 400 PE, on Ebay for around $50.00. This older model shortwave is a decent radio with SSB, and operates on 6 AA alkaline batteries. Another decent older model radio that runs on alkaline batteries, and has SSB is the Realist DX-398, and the Sangean ATS- 909. The Sony 2010 is also a fine older model radio. Please take notice of this watchman’s warning on the importance of having a shortwave radio with Single Side Band (SSB) capability. A shortwave radio will be your only source of information once the grid goes down, and the war starts. GET. THE. RADIO. NOW. Enough said on this subject.


#11. COMFORT FOODS/CANDY/GAMES. Imagine the following hypothetical scenario. The Emergency Alert System has interrupted your T.V. program stating that we are under nuclear attack from Russia. You and your family have made it down into your below ground basement, and you all are sheltering down in a corner. You, as the man of the family, are doing your best to stay calm and be strong. You knew this was coming, and you prepared in advance as best as you could. Your wife is a sobbing mess. The kids are hysterical. You comfort them with scripture, and the fact that God knows all about your present situation, and that He is going to take care of you. After a while the crying has stopped, and the situation at hand (as bad as it may be) is accepted. A couple of hours go by, and by now you have made the kids, and even your wife laugh a few times. Then you say “Okay….who wants a chocolate bar?”

Do you really think that anyone is going to refuse! Having chocolate, hard candies, gum, snacks, etc….whatever your comfort food is, will be a tremendous moral booster. It will also have a calming effect, and help take their minds off of the present situation. Also having a deck of cards, or board games will help bring back a sense of normalcy to life during the emergency at hand. Whatever your quirky little comfort candies/snacks are, stockpile them for the coming wartime calamities. You will be glad that you did.

#12. FAITH FOR THE WILDERNESS. Dear Saints, there is just no way possible to prepare and stockpile all that we are going to need to endure until the end. At some point supplies will wane, and we are going to need the supernatural hand of God to step in and provide for us. The great I AM of The Old Testament, is still the great I AM of The New Testament. Malachi 3:6 states: “For I am the Lord, I change not” I firmly believe that when we get to the point that a miracle is needed, then a miracle will be provided….and I am speaking of literal manna coming down from God out of heaven once again to provide for the blood bought remnant of Christ, if it becomes necessary for the Lord to do so. I want to be very clear about something. I do not trust in the supplies that I have been purchasing for the past 30 years to endure through tribulation. It is constantly in the back of my mind that in mere seconds, all of it could possibly be destroyed by a fire, earthquake, tornado, etc.

That being said, I do believe that those who have prepared for the end times as best as they can, will fare MUCH MUCH better than those who do not prepare. At some point when our line in the sand has been crossed, and we are required to take an economic mark, or vaccine of some kind in order to live normally in society, then that’s it….it’s all over. We will then have to totally drop out of society, flee into the wilderness from persecution, and do the best we can with what we have… leaving the rest up to the Lord. We came into the family of God by faith, we stay in the family of God by faith, and at some point we will have to flee into the wilderness by faith. I have said this several times before, and that is this: THE BIG TEST IS COMING….MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE CRAMMING FOR FINALS.

Our personal faith is about to be tested like never before. All faith must be tested, and great faith must be tested greatly. None of us are going to enjoy this fleeing into the wilderness in a SECOND EXODUS, but we need to remember the following about Moses: Heb. 11:27 says: “By faith he forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king; for he endured, as seeing him who is invisible.” We, like Moses, must also forsake Egypt by faith. As I close, I want to bring one more scripture to your attention, and possibly reveal something to you that you may have never seen before. Heb. 11:29 states: “By faith they passed through the Red Sea as by dry land; which the Egyptians assaying to do were drowned” Most people read that verse of scripture, and pass right on by what this verse REALLY means. “BY FAITH THEY PASSED THROUGH THE RED SEA.” So…what actually is the definition of faith? Heb.11:1 “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things NOT seen”

What this actually means is that for Moses and the children of Israel who were in front of the congregation, at the bank of the Red Sea…the sea did not just open up all at once for them from side to side, so that they could see clear through to the other side of the land. The sea in front of them opened up LITTLE BY LITTLE, by faith …with each passing step, as they walked on dry ground with a wall of water in front of them, on their left, and on their right!

Need scripture for this statement? Here it is. “For we walk by faith, not by sight” (2 Cor.5:7) The evidence of actually seeing the other side of the Red Sea through the walls of water was not there, otherwise they would not have needed faith! Seeing is not faith…. NOT seeing….BUT STILL BELIEVING… is faith It took faith for the sea to part, and it only parted and opened up step by step. Some Bible Scholars actually believe that the sea did not even start to part until Moses’ foot was literally in mid-air right over the water…..THEN IT PARTED……..WOW!!! Whatever your situation is right now, trust and believe that by faith, God is going to start parting your sea little by little starting right now.

I want to give you a word that the Lord spoke to me back on 7/24/21. The Lord freely gave this word to me, and now I want you to claim it as your own. Here it is: “IN ORDER TO SEE A MIRACLE….YOU MUST FIRST NEED A MIRACLE.” What is that sea-parting miracle that is needed right now in your life? If you, Dear Reader, are truly in desperate need of a miracle, lift that foot up over the water, and take that first step in faith. Pray and believe, and EXPECT to receive. Watch as the waters start to part. If you can believe it, our God can do it! God is still doing miracles today, and there will be utterly phenomenal miracles coming in the Second Exodus when we have step out by faith into the wilderness. These miracles will not occur because we WANT to see miracles….they will occur because we will NEED to see miracles. There is a big difference between a want and a need, and God knows the difference.

His timing is always perfect, and He is always right on time. I sincerely hope that I have helped some of you by possibly increasing your faith, giving some information that will bless you, and will hopefully assist you in getting physically and spiritually more prepared for the soon coming war, and the eventual fleeing into the wilderness in a Second Exodus. If this be the case, may God receive all the praise and glory. May the Lord bless you and keep you all safe until next time. Come soon Lord Jesus! Maranatha!

Bro. John in Mo. 4/12/24

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