Summer Storms! – Benjamin Faircloth

By Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

Summer Storms!
Sunday June 4, 2017

“The time to take shelter has come! It is an hour where no reprieve can be found! Judgement begins in My House; the fool says in his heart there is no God, but I will stand and be counted among the nations!

I will arise and My Glory shall be seen, I will manifest Myself in ways not seen in your day! I will be glorified and justified!

There is a great shaking coming to the nations, a realignment of old factions and allies of past wars. You are witnessing the ingathering of global war! This Summer season will be hot, but the lust for war will be hotter! The seams of sanity will come unglued and you will see the madness of the world! I have warned and I have called, yet there are few who are truly taking their shelter in Me!”

(The scripture references for this word; Jeremiah 13 and 14)


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