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Summary of prophecies and visions – Alexandra Figueired

Summary of prophecies and visions

March 28, 2020 2:26 PM
Alexandra Figueiredo
Translated from Portugese


I live in Portugal, an essentially Catholic land, very focused on the apparitions of Fátima. I grew up, being skeptical about everything, looking more inside myself than all dogmas. I searched within myself for the truth and the Truth was revealed.

Then, a few years ago, I began to have prophetic visions and dreams and to be instructed by the Father himself.

Everyone called me crazy and my family does not believe me, except my husband with whom I talk and is a witness of the wonders that God the Father has done in our lives.

I write now because God said “share“.

The description will be very, very brief, as there are many. They serve only so that they can understand that someone who was nothing, without religion or belief, was awakened by God Himself. Glory to the Father. I am a witness of his immense love for us.

Only after the first dreams did I start reading the Bible, which I was completely unaware of.

The most incredible thing was that it was with her that he understood dreams.

In the first dreams I heard:

“If you want to know the Father, read the gospels three times.”

In another situation:

“Because the bride was worthy, God put her to sleep and woke her up now to prepare for the wedding.”

In yet another:

“Alert humanity to prepare for the” saddle “of the Lord”

They were phrases that were strange to me, I didn’t even know how to interpret. BRIDE WEDDING??? The word “Saddle” was completely unknown and everything made sense when I started reading the Bible, as you asked me to. I grew up like that, with instructions, love and patience from my Father.

I only know two Brazilians, one lives in Portugal, who have visions, no one else. It was, therefore, a very lonely growth. Just me, Jesus and my Father.

Two years ago I had a vision. I was taken to a fire island and realized that everything was going to start there. God told me to reserve food in March last year, which I am now using and other instructions for my life, such as singing a hymn every day.

This is to say, brethren, that the Lord’s time is very near.

He woke me up to prepare for the wedding and told me that it would all start with an island on fire. After Australia burned, I knew we had started. Still Australia was in that situation the virus started in China and we live in the state we live in now. I am using the reservation he told me to make, which everyone thought was impossible to be necessary.

It has now alerted me to another vision for America. I saw Trump, sitting at his secretary, he ate something and threw a paper, which appeared to be from a candy on top of the map of America that was on the secretary and it burned down. Soon after I saw a big city, with huge buildings full of smoke and in a great uproar. People ran from side to side as if in a state of alertness and danger.

I also saw famine and other plagues, of red wounds, like burns, on the skin.

Brothers, believe and pray for all the children, servants and brothers in Christ. May God give us courage, discernment, wisdom and much faith for these times that we live and will live.

A hug in Christ Jesus

Original Portugese below

Resumo de professias e visões

28 de março de 2020 14:26
Alexandra Figueiredo

Vivo em Portugal, uma terra essencialmente católica, muito focada nas aparições de Fátima. Cresci, sendo céptica em relação a tudo, olhando mais para dentro de mim do que para todos os dogmas. Procurei dentro de mim a verdade e a Verdade se revelou.
Comecei, então, há poucos anos a ter visões e sonhos proféticos e a ser instruída pelo próprio Pai.
Todos me chamavam louca e minha família não crê em mim, a não ser o meu marido com quem converso e é testemunha das maravilhas que Deus Pai tem feito nas nossas vidas.

Escrevo agora porque Deus disse “compartilha”.

A descrição será muito, muito resumida, pois são muitas. Servem somente para que possam entender que alguém que não era nada, sem religião, nem crença, foi acordado pelo próprio Deus. Glória ao Pai. Sou testemunha do seu imenso amor por nós.
Somente depois dos primeiros sonhos comecei a ler a bíblia, que desconhecia completamente.
O mais incrível é que era com ela que entendia os sonhos.
Nos primeiros sonhos ouvi:
“Se queres conhecer o Pai, lê 3 vezes os evangelhos.”
Noutra situação:
“Porque a noiva era digna Deus a colocou para dormir e acordou-a agora para que se prepare para o casamento. ”
Ainda noutra:
“Alerta a humanidade que se preparem para a “sela” do Senhor”

Eram frases que para mim eram estranhas, nem sabia interpretar. NOIVA???, CASAMENTO??? A palavra “Sela” desconhecia completamente e tudo fez sentido quando comecei a ler a bíblia, como me pediu. Fui crescendo assim, com instruções, amor e paciência do meu Pai.
Só conheço dois brasileiros, um vive em Portugal, que têm visões, mais ninguém. Foi, por isso, um crescimento muito solitário. Só eu, Jesus e meu Pai.
Há dois anos tive uma visão. Fui levada até uma ilha em fogo e percebi que tudo iria começar aí. Deus me disse para fazer reserva de alimentos em março do ano passado, que agora estou a usar e outras instruções para a minha vida, como cantar um hino todos os dias.
Isto para dizer irmãos que o tempo do Senhor está muito próximo.
Ele acordou-me para me preparar para o casamento e me disse que tudo começaria com uma ilha em fogo. Depois da Austrália arder, soube que tínhamos começado. Ainda Austrália estava naquela situação começou o virus na China e vivemos no estado em que vivemos agora. Estou a dar uso à reserva que ele me disse para fazer, que todos achavam impossível ser necessária.
Alertou-me agora noutra visão para a América. Vi o Trump, sentado na sua secretário, ele comeu algo e atirou um papel, que parecia ser de um rebuçado para cima do mapa da América que estava na secretária e este incendiou-se. Logo de seguida vi uma grande cidade, com enormes prédios cheia de fumo e em grande alvoroço. As pessoas corriam de um lado para o outro como que em estado de alerta e perigo.
Vi também fome e outras pragas, de feridas vermelhas, como queimaduras, sobre a pele.
Irmãos, creiam e orem por todos os filhos, servos e irmãos em Cristo. Que Deus nos dê coragem, discernimento, sabedoria e muita fé para estes tempos que vivemos e vamos viver.
Um abraço em Cristo Jesus

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  1. My faithfulness

    The time is near my dear, listen to my words and so will give you direction, there is no fear because like everything else this to shall pass. I am God the ruler of all things, there is no greater power than me. Pick up your Cross and follow me, through the storm stay in my word and I will give you peace and understanding.

  2. Lynette I Devries

    I received a very important audio today from a sister in the Lord and on it a Pastor said that this Coronavirus was started by 5G in Wuhan China. The frequencies are much stronger than 4G and damage our cells.making us sick. The elderly are most vulnerable as their immune systems are weak. In Italy the people are dying because of 5G too.The ocean liners that had sick passengers have 5G. God is allowing this to happen and the Pastor said we must pray more than ever before, fast at least a meal, read the Word, and worship our Father in Heaven. Do not get the vaccine when it eventually comes out as it will have a RFID chip and something else the Pastor said but I forget. May God protect us and strengthen us in the hard months to come. There is still a big harvest of souls out there Brothers and Sisters to bring in. God bless you all.

  3. fatima was Mohamad’s daughter, he’s in hell forever, was poor and wanted attention!

  4. Catherine

    Rapture Engel, Mohammed’s daughter had the Name Fatima but Fatima is also Mary in the Catholic Church. There is a small village in Portugal with the Name Fatima and there came Mary in a vision to three children. It’s a famous strory. Don’t forget the oncle of Mohammed was Catholic..
    Dear Alexandra, when I was in Lissabon many years ago, I wonder where the church is. I mean where are the followers of Jesus preaching the gospel. Portugal like most of our countries are in big darkness because the church was sleeping in the last thirty years. The queen of Heaven (Mary) is the strongest spirit in Europe.
    I just read, that in South Italy have not money for food and the police is standing before the supermarkets. Famine is clear coming or already here.

  5. sophie

    the fire on the island reminds me of Ephraim Rodriquez’s dream/vision and words he received that an asteroid will hit Puerto Rico or that area. People keep saying the 6th seal is opening but I have yet to have gotten that confirmation.

    Unless this is unrelated to Ephraim’s vision. PR has over 143 islands. Not saying it’s there but sure could be

  6. Mark

    Fatima and other Marian apparitions are very similar to the UFO encounters.The always increasing UFO encounters are A preparation for what is to come. It is very well known that the
    UFOs are “something other than interplanetary spaceships” (J. Vallee, an honest investigator)
    Yet the TV is full of “investigators” in awe explaining about “the lights” and even aliens bringing
    a New Age type message. These “investigators” are not being honest, and are therefore part
    of the deception. Fake money is at its best the more it resembles the real thing. Satan appears as an angel of light.

  7. Markku Juvakoski

    About the ever increasing UFO-encounters and Marian apparitions:
    I forgot to add, that interestingly, if You find so even some very real looking fake money, and You can prove (to the unbeliever) that it is actually fake, does it not point to the existence of Real Money somewhere? That has Real Value. If someone will listen, You can argue this point. There are at least 43 different “UFO religions”, and millions who believe in the distracting Marian apparitions.

  8. Barbu Mihai

    Exodus 20:8-11 Remember the sabbath day (Saturday, never about sunday, “the day of rest”/ the mark of the beast, which is a product of the catholic Church) to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work: But the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates: For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the Lord blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it.

  9. Fátima e aparicões marianas de nada interessam nesta mensagem.
    Devemo-nos focar no que é importante.
    Todos sabemos que nos devemos dirigir somente a Deus, que intermediários são idolatria, que santos católicos são estátuas e não lhes devemos prestar adoração. Deus é peremptório nisso.
    Todos os profetas e todos os que caminharam em Cristo e Deus receberão o seu galardão, mas não devem ser adorados, incluindo a mãe de Cristo.
    Na mensagem diz que vive perto desta região, só isso, não se fixem nessa parte, pois o que vem a seguir é mais importante. E não é só Portugal que dorme, o mundo inteiro dorme.
    Precisamos de o acordar.
    Não interessa onde as pessoas vivem, Deus fala com todos. A última profecia postada, do Trump que ateia o fogo na América e das cidades a ferro e fogo acabou de se realizar (tumultos que pegaram fogo a vários edifícios, Trump em vez de deitar água na fervura, vai ateando o fogo) vejam a relevância do que é postado. A fome ainda vem e vai ser mundial e agonizante. Devemo-nos preparar espiritualmente e fisicamente. Façam reserva de alimentos, cultivem, ajudem o próximo. Deus ama todos por igual e o nosso tesouro está no céu.

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