Suicide, a Choice or a Power – Cheryl Adama

Suicide, a Choice or a Power


Cheryl Adama

Disclaimer; I am not making light of this very serious subject. I am instead hoping encourage us to look at this as a spiritual matter and to remind us we do not wrestle against people, but of the dark spiritual force whose aim is to kill, steal and destroy. My prayer is that we will rise up and war.


This is not a thought, a feeling or a choice, it is a great and powerful spirit. It was birthed into being on the day of the great fall of mankind. For in that day, through this very cunning spirit, man committed the first and greatest suicide. That day was the first day of his death, for him and for all.

Suicide is the heart of Satan, it is his pet, for it has proved invaluable to him in the slaughter of the souls of men. This power gains its successes through working in packs. He will recruit low self-esteem, fear of man, need for approval, fear, self pity, depression, anxiety, pride, hopelessness, defeat, rejection and depending on the human he will customize and arrange the spirit that is best to fit and work the job. He always has three foreman – they are lying spirit, condemning spirit and the spirit of hate. The unknowing soul falls victim not suddenly, but over time. This Spirit has the power to strip the most devout and spiritual of them all, to one who has lost all hope and seeks to quit – life. The victim is like a tasty morsel to these hordes in which they swarm upon. The key is to not let it be known that they (the spirits) have no power really, only the power that is given them, by the victim they aim to consume. In all the convincing they do, they remove all thoughts and ideas of any God let alone Jesus Christ to save them. In fact, they only fuel their minds with the lie that God does not think suicide is wrong, but He understands their pain and reason for doing it, or that God does not exist and death will end their lives for good. This Suicide Spirit is full of air – that turns into its great power through man’s concession to it. It takes great pride in how easily it is able to dupe millions into its suicide trap, and makes great boast in how his plan of assisted suicide is becoming not only accepted but fought for! He has put his time in and is now able to see the results beautifully blossom before his eyes. He often teams up with the Spirit of abortion, and will begin doing his work in those who have had them. He is so skilled that most don’t even know why they are troubled – and depressed but he and Abortion have a pact – to not let them know that the day they conceded to end a life within them was the day he, Suicide was invited in. They often get together and laugh about how they have accomplished so much together! They will invite the spirit of addictions of all kinds to come and celebrate their victories for they too contribute to the very great work of Suicide.

The day has been alerted to Suicide to gather his troops for there has been a breech. They quiet down, and speak in low voice now, when they try to come up with how to solve one of their greatest problems. As they settle themselves they sit around a round table and turn their attention to below. They see a soul they have put much work in, and now this one is breaking free of the fog they have placed over his mind. They see this one is looking upward, and crying out to Jesus – they shriek and are aghast! All what they have done, dissolves before their eyes! They see the spirits they have assigned over this one flee like wild terrorized rats! They see why as they watch the Spirit of the Living God – surround this one they immediately are knocked off their chairs to the ground for His power. It is clear that this one will no longer walk with Suicide for he has been given eyes to see the truth, and now is filled with His Love and His Spirit to take him from that place of death into His new Life. In this realm they see why this is so, as they clearly realize that prayer is linked to this ones escape. They see how and why for this great defeat; though they be only a few, they are blazing with the fire of God. The powerful and righteous fury that burns in them, petitioning to God for His help in that particular one’s behalf. They cringe because they don’t stop there, they continue to pray for all who are fallen victim to Suicide. Spirit of Suicide says, ‘Confusion, Gossip, and Doubt – go down right now to this group! Distraction, you head there too, and start to cause them some disturbance….they must be stopped! Go now!’ They depart immediately and they are on scene, but they are met with a fire around these ones, they can’t penetrate! In fact they are chased away from the Holy ones – they flee like cowards. The group sits stunned around the round table, as they see how the prayers of this group has now been dispatched against all who are held captive by Suicides grasp – and like fetters being broken, he sees more of his work being crushed before his eyes! All those who walk under his rule, are immediately taken from the fog that has vexed them.

They are free and can see the truth – they are able to see that there is hope. And they see the Light, and they walk toward it.

Suicide has become a great and powerful epidemic and reality in today’s world, we can all agree. What I would attempt to put forth to all who follow Jesus Christ, is a reminder and encouragement that we have the power in us to fight this plague called suicide. Prayer in the Holy Spirit is our force, and as we walk in His righteousness, our prayers are effective and will avail much. The power that suicide has over our world is because it has gotten away with it – while we give it its power, by doing nothing. Let us rise up and take up our battle – in the Spirit and begin plucking out those who are heading to the fire.


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