Suddenly The Sky Opened Up – Patrick Brian

Suddenly The Sky Opened Up

8/2/19 8:25 AM
Patrick Brian

I had a dream last night.

I will share the most important part of it.

I was walking with a group of people, when suddenly the sky opened up.

It started, like it was a big black mark in the sky (I would say it was about the same size (comparatively speaking) as what the moon looks like when it it closest to the earth], as this black mark disappears; you could clearly see: the stars zooming around.

There was massive gusts of wind, and everyone looked up in wonder.

Fast forward a day (it could’ve been later that same day), the TV was on, an a astrophysicist was on the air, and he was completely perplexed; as to what could have caused this.

End of dream.

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