Suddenly the Lights Went Out – Naomi C.

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Suddenly the Lights Went Out

September 25, 2023 10:38 PM
Naomi C.

Dream Thursday Morning 21st September. Naomi C.

This dream is the latest in several dreams I have had like it in the last couple of years. In these dreams I have experienced sudden, unexpected, and alarming changes. In this one I experienced the lights going out.

Dream: I was at a music festival in the country (the festival was being held in the State I live in and in an area that I am familiar with). Strangely, I don’t recall any music playing at this ‘music festival’. It was held on a sloping hill. A lot of people were there, including various celebrities, some from previous decades. In one part of the festival the celebrities were seated in threes either side of a central path. The celebrity seating went back several rows up the sloping hill. The public could interview them. I asked the actress that had played the character, Sue Ellen Ewing, in the 80’s television drama, Dallas, how it was on Southfork Ranch with less cattle. Before she answered I quipped that “it must be okay because Macy’s is obviously still getting business from Southfork”. I made this comment because she was wearing a very flashy electric blue outfit with a large gold necklace that was stamped ‘Macy’s’ in extremely large letters.

A comedian whose face I recognised from news stories but couldn’t remember her name in my dream was seated toward the back of the group of celebrities being interviewed (later that same day when I was awake, I found out it was Kathy Griffin). This comedian stood up and turned around showing off her ‘dress’ to all. She was wearing the skimpiest dress I had ever seen. There wasn’t much of it at the front and when she turned around the back was virtually non-existent, just a few strings of draped beads. How could anyone wear that I thought?

She was asked about her dress by someone else attending the festival. Kathy replied to all that were listening that she had wanted “the experience” of wearing something like that in public.

Then, suddenly, the lights went out. The entire atmosphere at the festival changed. All I could think of was getting out of there as soon as possible and kept wondering where I had placed the battery lantern I had recently purchased. I managed to find my way down to a small cottage at the bottom of the hill. I had relatives in the cottage and was invited inside. They had lights on there due to a generator and the atmosphere in their living room was comfortable, several other people were there too.

I didn’t plan on being at the cottage for long, but intended to get home as soon as I could.

End of Dream.

Interpretation: The interpretation of this dream appears simple and self-explanatory. While the world appears to be all about materialism (the Macy’s necklace and flashy dress – even during harder times for many – less cattle, and the joke about things being ‘OK’ primarily in relation to ability to still purchase material things), and all about ‘experiences’ (the wearing of a skimpy dress for the ‘experience’, people attending music festivals, a focus on celebrities and interacting with them…) the dream ultimately seems to stress the reality that all that is superficial and can change in an instant. It also appears to stress the critical importance of considering the practicalities of life, such as alternative lighting options for unexpected changes, like the power going out.

Later the same day: The evening of the day I had this dream I saw a picture of the same comedian I had seen in my dream. This is what enabled me to name her as Kathy Griffin. I happened to see her face and name on a suggested video. The video was about her having her lips tattooed which had a certain synchronicity with how she had appeared in my dream earlier that morning, as an individual looking for extreme ‘experiences’ and sharing them publicly.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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