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Suddenly the cup of my wrath and fury will be upon you – Barbara Francis

Suddenly the cup of my wrath and fury will be upon you

Barbara Francis
Jeremiah 25:17 KJV
Then took I the cup at the Lord's hand, and made all the nations to drink, unto whom the Lord had sent me:

Daughter speak to ALL people’s tongues nations. My wrath is kindled against you. One by one you will drink from the cup of my fury. There is no wisdom ,there is no fear of I AM . I see what you continue to do to my children. The children I gave you as gifts. YOU PROSTITUTE AND SELL THEM. Both male and female. You murder them in the womb. You use and abuse them for your own pleasure., And monetary gain. What sort of people have you become?. IMMORAL science experiments with life that I created. ONE ABOMINATIONS AFTER ANOTHER. I have prepared my Archangels, they will visit your earth. I have given them instructions. You will see the destruction. Suddenly they will be upon you with the cup of my wrath and fury. . The rich men will hide in the mountain caves. WHEN YOU SEE THESE THINGS , YOU WILL KNOW I AM THE LORD.

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  1. Brian K. Orlovsky

    Sister Barbara, As usual, your message is hard hitting. Over time, the Lord’s messages are more and more indicative of his fury being unleashed sooner than later!
    Care must be taken that we are right with the Lord at All Times. We know not what day or hour the Master comes!
    We are among that generation that will bear witness to the on-set of the Antichrist, and it’s horrors, leading to his defeat at the hands of Jesus Christ! Many of us will be martyred along the way, but many will see the Lord in the clouds with the Host of Heaven!
    As always, thanks to you and Brother Dan! Shalom!

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