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Oct. 14 2019

My child, write these words down

Children of America, all is now ready to go as their preparations are finalized. I have held off allowing the enemy and his cohorts to implement more of their destruction upon the sleeping masses who choose to ignore all the signs that are clearly not hidden from sight as they once were years ago. I will hold off no longer and allow more to happen. Every nation reaps what it has sown and it is now your time to reap.

I AM allows certain events to occur but satan must do as I say. Children, he bows to Me yet you do not even acknowledge I exist (many of you). Satan obeys Me and cannot cross over at will. You children live in complete rebellion, have crossed the line and refuse to acknowledge you need a Savior. My Son’s sacrifice means nothing to so many of you.

As all things now converge unto a defiant, obstinate, stiff-necked, self-serving people, who follow every god but Me, will see how ensnared they will be. Your false gods won’t come to your aid nor save you. To those who are their “own gods” you cannot save yourselves. What and who will you turn to? I do not exist you say—so be it! Your sins find you out and in them you will perish!

WAR IS COMING upon an unsuspecting nation full of foolishness believing America is great and can defeat any nation or any insurrection against them. You are blinded by your own conceit. You are powerless and you will broken in two. The traps you have set for others you will fall into; you will fall into your own pit.

The atmosphere has changed. Evil will burst forth as darkness consumes your land of nothing.

You believe in everything false: climate change hoax, vaccines are good for our children, DNA gene-therapy is wonderful and such a blessing, abortion is a woman’s right, being transgender is normal as you push these children into becoming abominations, Drag Queen story hour is a positive move of acceptance—all your false definitions of love.

How many of you are standing up against all that is not of Me? Very, very few do as the rest of you embrace every foul, unclean and abominable spirit into your homes, your churches, your schools, your children’s lives, your families and your own lives. You are altogether useless for kingdom purposes for your hearts are for all the things I hate!! Your hearts are NOT WITH ME, NOR FOR ME but for your master, the deceiver of millions, your father, satan.

I AM is thoroughly disgusted and you people shall perish for lack of knowledge. You cling to immoral behavior, the lusts of the world and your storehouses in heaven are empty. So many of you will be shocked on that day when I say “I never knew you” for you are smug in your own minds that you are saved. IF YOU EAT AND DRINK WITH THE DEVIL THEN YOU WILL SIT AT HIS TABLE, NOT MINE.

Only those who are purified and Holy will feast at My table—these I will sup with. I turn away from stained and filthy garments if you refuse to allow Me to thoroughly wash you clean, which requires a DAILY WALK with Me, A DAILY TIME of repentance and prayer. Does the husbandman want a filthy Bride? Does a Bride want a husband full of abominations in her sight? I accept nothing less than a Holy, purified, blemish-free Bride.

Only I can strip you, purge you, wash you, refresh you and renew you. You CAN overcome sin if My Holy Spirit truly resides within the reservoir of your heart. Only I can save a soul from eternal damnation. You MUST deny yourselves, you MUST resist the devil and he will flee, you MUST do your part and BE AN OVERCOMER. The only way is through Me but most you live in disbelief of this and believe in the false narrative of “there are many ways to get to heaven”. You neither know the Father of all creation nor know the story of the cross or understand what this means.

A walk is a walk—pressing forward for the mark—reaching for the prize! LAZY Christians are a dime a dozen; just sit around, do nothing, just wait on Me, the Great I AM to hand it all to you on a silver platter. Where is the sacrifice on your part of living your life for Me? Where is the cry of your heart in earnest seeking Me, who is the better way? Where is the mourning?

The days of the preaching by righteous men speaking of sin, repentance, warning of what is to come are over in this day and age for the most part. I AM raising up MY ARMY who will put your false Pastors, preachers, teachers, evangelists to shame. There is a new way and it will be MY WAY. You will either return fully to My truth or you will die in your false manmade doctrines. I DO NOT COMPROMISE MY WORD to appease your palate. My Son didn’t come and suffer an incredibly violent death just so you could pick and choose how you wish to live.

It is NOT about you! I created beings to be a part of Me; to be ONE with Me—to seek My face, to commune with Me, to walk in My Ways, the narrow road. Most of you pick and choose to justify living the way you want; you believe I changed everything after My Son came to suit your needs. My Son came to crush sin and death and to open the way to Me. At his crucifixation, the veil was rent in two and the earth shook violently, the dead arose so all would see whom they slaughtered.

While He was on earth did He Obey My Commands or pick and choose which ones to follow? Did He change the tablets—what was written by the finger of God? Did He live as he wanted to, in fornication, drunkenness, adulteries—partaking in the devil’s playground? NO!!! Did He believe the lie that there were many roads to Me and “live and let live” or did He live a life of prayer, fasting, repentance, speaking truth, obeying My Commands and demonstrating to the world that the way to everlasting life is the narrow way—narrow path to the kingdom? The broad road leads only to destruction of your soul and total separation and forfeiture of your kingly inheritance. FREE WILL—YOUR CHOICE TO CHOOSE!

I sound like a broken record to many but I, your Father, continuously warn because of My undying love for you. My desire is for you to be with Me. It saddens Me deeply as each soul perishes. Return to Me while you can NOW. Time is that short!

Children, all will hit America SUDDENLY! This will be your wake-up call and you will see the seriousness of the time you live in. Either look up and repent or be ready for your descent to hell. All hell about to also be unleashed on earth. Your hero, Obama about to come and make his grand entrance. Trump shall be removed; out with the old, in with the new. NONE of your leaders have done what they were supposed to do for My people.

Come to Your Master—the Father of all Creation; let Me lead you. Stop following man and manmade traditions. Their ways amount to nothing. Those who rely on man won’t make it. You must lean on Me even if you don’t fully understand. You MUST put ALL FAITH into Me. I will protect those who are Mine. You MUST trust Me—Obey Me. Obey My instruction. Many still await those instructions but they are coming. I have not forgotten you.

To All: SUDDENLY, SUDDENLY, SUDDENLY and then the nation of America crumbles! SUDDENLY, SUDDENLY, SUDDENLY..tick tock, clock struck twelve and down she fell.

WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP before it’s too late for you.

ARISE, ARISE, ARISE out of your white-washed tombs. Stop playing church—dead people in dead churches.



WAR DRUMS—Do you hear the sound?

The Lion of Judah ROARS—Do you hear the sound?


The greatest display of who I AM will be shown to all shortly. My vessels of honor will go forth. Their light will shine when all else is dark.

That is all My child.

(Given to Ms. Sophie on 10/13/2019)


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