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Sudden Destruction Comes With The Destroyers Hand – Barbara Francis


Sudden Destruction Comes With The Destroyers Hand

December 14, 2021
Barbara Francis


Children ,I have warned you over and over not to follow men. I have said trust no man . As I look about this is exactly what I see Baal worship, child sacrifice child murders , idol worship , money worship. Seek after me. Trust God , trust I AM . There is only one mediator between God and man that is Jesus the Christ. Many are falling away, they see no light , they are hopeless and depressed they are discouraged and deceived. Read my words and know me invite me into your heart . Call on me . Today may be your last day tonight you may take your last breathe. The great shaking is at hand sudden destruction comes with the destroyers hand. Secure your eternity . THE KING IS COMING .

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