Such were some of you – Mike M.

Such were some of you

August 16, 2019
Mike M.

For such were some of you. The very things you condemn in the enemy’s camp, you once did. And from that I ransomed you and set you up high in honor as my own to inherit the Kingdom. So, judge not lest you be judged! For some of the very people who attack you now will come to know me in full repentance! I will give them a new name as I gave you! I am not willing they would perish, but repent and turn from their wicked ways as you have done. So, let ME (emphasis anytime you see caps) defend you against some of these very ones which now stand attacking and astral projecting into your environments, escorted by demons! Just as I have saved Paul on the road to Damascus, so shall I save some such as these. They will become mine for I have willed it. And I have known the beginning from the ending all along, for I made you. I see and know the future. I have known who will turn to me. And I will save them how I see fit in the way that will best edify them. They will become my secret weapons against the very darkness they wallow in now and are bound to. This is my redemption. Nothing is wasted. All things are useful. I am the great architect and engineer. So, do not pray for the instant death of these ones who are presently in the state of being as an enemy of the cross! Do not cut their silver chords or ask me to do it. For love conquers all. I am the perfect judge. I know when to cut a chord. Did I not say I will protect my own? Did I not say that love is the greatest of these!? So, pray for these attackers! Truly!! I tell you to BLESS those who curse and persecute you! Bless and not curse in return!! Only bind up the strongman (he means the demonic influence) in defense to the attack on your person and in defense of THEIR eternal Salvation!!! YES!! I tell you. I have the same love for all. I am no respecter of persons. For it is my goodness that leads to repentance. My love is a consuming fire, as coals from my lips. So, do bind up, then loose a blessing, forgive and rejoice for when such a one is added to you, you have an ally and not a foe! Love truly conquers all. I am love. My words are power and life that consume with love for they are mine, and I am one-there is no division or doubt in me. No weaknesses do I have. Live the example you see my Son lived. Use wisdom and discernment. I will lead you. There is a time and place for everything under the sun. But just remember from whence you came. So that in humility your heart will embrace others ransomed from the pit with the same comfort with which you have received. For all things are possible with me. And I embody love, so live as the love in I Cor. 13 and more will be added to your numbers daily! The Kingdom of heaven is at hand! It is exploding forth now, for this harvest season!! See, I show you, teach you to wield the sickle in joyful gathering of souls after you have cleared the land (the spiritual land, binding up the strongmen, the demonic forces we wrestle against: Eph. 6) with the sword of my mouth spoken in my words as you abide in and release my words for this cause. Who are mine that are called and also chosen!? Arise now, count the costs, plan your journeys!! Go OUT!! GO in FAITH!! Plan and go or just go-as long as you have faith I am pleased and will add to that! PLEASE!!! Answer the call!! Will you go? Just be you! BE a light in the darkness, salt to preserve. GO and DO your good works. For just as a prophet is not accepted in his/her hometown, so will they not hear you. So, take my GLORY on the road! They will SEE your love as you love as I would love by going to seek and save that which is lost. Go after the one sheep that has strayed, as I do! Follow my heart in your steps. I need laborers. I provide for my own! Ask, seek, knock! BE the parable of the insistent neighbor! Ask me specifically, strategically. Write to me, speak to me, sing to me-just consciously commune with me! And I will show you great and awesome things. I go with you as do my angels ministering. Know your assignment. Know your enemy. Pray accordingly. Commit your ministry plans to me and your plans will be established. I give you the desire of your hearts. You must walk it out as your part to walk into your destiny. For I will RAISE an anointing as fire upon your heads!! Everywhere you place your feet will be blessed.

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