Anna Jacobs

July 17, 2018


My daughters, you who I have called to be the meek, the quiet, the gentle of my Bride, you are my warriors. You are the Queen Esthers of this generation. My daughters, I have given guidelines in my Word regarding how you are to live in gentleness and all respect, and how you are to love your husbands through submission and respect; yet, my daughters, for some, there is confusion regarding the meaning of submission and respect. My daughters, I have called of you to be help-meets to your husbands. This means that the greatest measure of love you give to them is to be in accordance with your gifts. You come to them filling up what they lack. You meet them where they fall short. You help them where they are needy. You support them where they are weak. You point them in the right direction when they are going the wrong way. You gently support them when they are falling away. You keep them from falling headlong into hell when they are supplanting my direction in their lives. You are strong pillars in your homes. You are queens. My daughters, do not think that meekness and quietness is not strength. Do not think that the law of love that I have given you leads you to a spirit of absolute subordination. Was Queen Esther perfectly subordinate to her king? No! She broke the law of the land in order to present to the king her request—which saved an entire nation! She risked her own life to break that law. Did she say to herself, “Well, I would fail to be submissive to the king’s law if I go in to seek an audience with him. Therefore, it must not be God’s will that I do so.” No! For if she had, then surely I would have raised up another savior to rescue my people; yet, I had indeed called her to the throne for such a time as that! It was her awareness of the law of love, her absolute duty to her God and people, her understanding of the times in which she was living that enabled her to rise up above the letter of the law. My daughters, now is your time to rise up above the letter of the law! Do not use your freedom in the Spirit as an excuse for evil, but do not use the law as an excuse for cowardice! My daughters, you are now the Queen Esthers of this generation. For this time, you have been called. For this time, you have been sent forth a witness to my truth. You will go against councils of men, leaders, and authorities, yet in meekness, gentleness, and love you go against them, even as Queen Esther sought her king with meekness, gentleness, and love. She disobeyed authority in order to obey her God! My daughters, seek me wholly; never shrink back! You are the daughters of Sarah if you do not give way to fear but fulfill the calling to which I have called you in every way! Are not all the law and the prophets summarized in these two commands—to love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and mind and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself? If you were on the Titanic, my daughters, would you use the excuse of quietness and submission to keep your mouth shut if you knew the ship was sinking? Absolutely not! You would yell and scream to everyone you could reach and tell them to get into the lifeboats! You would be considered a heroine for doing so! No one would fault you for being outspoken. Oh my daughters, your churches are the Titanic. They are sinking, but who is shouting? They are falling into the depths of judgment, but who is warning them? Oh my daughters, you are called to such a time as this!

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