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April 17, 2022 4:47 PM
Vicky Adkins



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For many years, I have been warning through the voices of my scriptures, through prophets, and leaders with ears to hear, PREPARE, PREPARE,
PREPARE. Some have ears to hear and have been preparing their lives spiritually and physically. Some have drawn closer to Me to hear My words and to seek My heart regarding their daily lives. Some have
searched My words in Scripture and been diligent to study to know what I want, what I have said and what is soon coming to pass upon the earth.

They have learned and embraced My promises.  They have been faithful to walk uprightly before Me, keeping themselves spiritually as clean as they understood to do in their daily lives, guarding their hearts, minds, and loyalty to Me and to My words.

And as the time has passed and the warnings of greater tribulation to come is yet to be seen in its fullness in the earth, they have remained faithful to their Father. They have not only sought to prepare themselves but have also been the trumpeting voices that call others to repentance, that teach others how to live lives of purity, that spend time in prayer for those who have are still in the world or who have wandered away and not yet returned. They pray for their families, their friends and co-workers, their cities, and nations. They cry out for those who are lost and give generously to those in need. They serve Me. They do not only speak of
serving Me. They serve Me.

They are my 5 wise virgins. They have been preparing through their intimacy with Me, their obedience to Me and their faithfulness to take up
their crosses and follow Me daily. They are by no means perfect. They are waiting on Me, and they are waiting for Me, even as they continue to labor in the field which is white and ready to harvest. They continue to thrust in their sickles and reap. And their lamps will have the oil they need when I return.

Many of those who profess My Name are not prepared. They have heard the warnings, they have watched as the world grows darker, but they do
not see the darkness. Their eyes are blinded by their rebellion. Because My coming has not yet occurred, and because the warnings of destruction, famine, and other monumental catastrophes have not
manifested in their comfortable lives, they have gone to sleep. They will only stay awake for a moment, but easily slumber when their lives are not
too disrupted.

They are not willing to give up their bondage to the world and to self. They see themselves as living in freedom, making decisions based on their greed to satisfy their own selfish desires. They are fast asleep and if they do not repent, if they do not wake up, if they do not stop believing the winds of doctrine that declare the things they believe – which have no foundation in My words in Scripture – they will be shocked to find that they do not have the oil they need in their lamps to be ready to go out to meet Me when I come.

They will be left out of My wedding chamber when I go in and close the door behind Me. I will not know them if they do not know me. And if their lamps are empty – if their lives have no fruit, nor evidence of the intimacy of relationship with Me – it will do them no good to knock and seek entrance. When I close the door…the door will remain closed. In My
word, I said that what I open, no one can shut and what I shut, no one can open. That applies to this as well.

Those who claim to be My people must stop telling Me ‘No’. Those are My rebellious children and foolish virgins. I am Father, and when I say to do something, I mean it. I am serious when I say to do or not do something. People have taken My commands lightly and oftentimes totally dismissed them. Whether in scripture or when I tell you something
personally, I expect obedience. I am Father. You are not.

But they are not intimidated. They see no threat to their own lives because they are filled with pride and have thought to ignore and dismiss Me as nothing more than the God they take off the shelf to acknowledge once or twice weekly, if at all. They have believed they can do no wrong in My eyes and are not concerned with what My eyes even see. They are the lukewarm that I will vomit out of My mouth. They are the fence-sitters. They are the ones who never enter in, and in their damnable doctrines of free and cheap grace, they lead others into the same hell they will find themselves in one day if they do not repent. They are so filled with arrogance that they cannot see and do not remember that they are the dust of the earth. They do not think I am serious about holiness. And many of them do not care if I am.

You have your free will. You are not without choices. I will not take those choices away from you now, but the day will come when your rebellion,
your refusal to obey, your independent attitude which is filled with pride will cost you the place you desire in My kingdom, if you do not repent and
obey Me. This is not a game. Your life and the future you hope to enjoy are connected to whether or not you obey Me. Show Me you love Me. Obey Me!

I am weary of watching My sons and daughters behave like the world. I am weary of the hateful language, the selfish attitudes, the proud looks,
the deceptive practices, the lies, the wastefulness, and the lust for more, more, and more. I am weary of the provocative dress and behavior of both sons and daughters. I am weary of telling My people to change and listening to them tell me ‘No’, whether literally or simply by refusing to obey. What good parent will allow the disobedience of a child to continue without consequences?

Those 5 wise virgins deny their own flesh. They seek My will. They hunger and thirst for righteousness, not the approval of the world or the self-gratification that brings death. They rest in Me. They live and breathe in Me. They make their choices based on the desires of My heart, which have become their desires as well. Because they love Me,
because they have chosen to give themselves over to Me, they will be ready when I call them into the Marriage Chamber.

If you would be Mine and hope to be with Me one day in My kingdom, you must let go of yourself and seek Me with all your heart, might, mind and
strength. You must deny your flesh and stop telling Me, ‘No’. You must choose My ways, which are not the ways of the world. I am greater than you give Me credit for being. Let your ‘yes’ be ‘yes’ and let that ‘yes’ be in response to my word.

Destruction is quickly coming to the earth. Nations continue to clash with greater intensity every day. The swords are being drawn and the war horses are pawing the ground, ready to race into the battle.

There are hands poised over devices that will bring mass destruction to nations. In his great haste to bring mankind to an end, the enemy has unleashed greater hatred in the hearts of men who hold the reigns to great power. I have told you that there will be countless deaths coming to the earth. It has already begun, and it will only increase. And the increase will be more rapid than you think.

Hell is opening her mouth wide for the crop of souls who have refused to turn to Me. My army stands ready in the heavens, but the time is not yet.
There is still more to come before I return. My army on earth is now beginning to pray with greater fervency than before. The bondages that will be imposed on nations will seem to squeeze the breath of life out of the peoples and only those who are strong enough to keep their focus on Me will be able to endure what lies ahead and even now is at your doors. More disease, more poison, more fighting and more wars as the enemy continues to use mankind to destroy mankind.

This earth is not your home. Never forget that. Many have forgotten and because they do not know Me, they claw the air to try to save their own lives. Do not be like them. Be willing to lose your life in any way for the sake of finding it in Me. Let go of your opinions and seek Mine instead. Stop saying ‘No’ to Me. Rather, begin saying words that are very familiar.to Me…” Not my will, but yours be done.” Amen.

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Yeshua Ha’Maschiach
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The Son of The Living GOD



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