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Sep 6, 2019, 1:47 AM
Collins Ouma

It was on Sunday night when I was heavily attacked. My whole body was in incruciating pain, from my kneck, head, waist, and joints. I could not wake up at midnight as per my tradition to pray and intercede for the saints. Funny enough, all members of my intercessory team were passing through this experience. We were all unable to meet on Monday morning for prayers.I thought it was over, yesterday’s night I was so much in pain that I had to take 3 strong tablets of pain killers to kill the pain. Eventually I fell to sleep but was so week around midnight hours thus unable also to go into prayers. So, I had now to ask Daddy what was going on and this is what He told me to share to all of us at this particular hour:

The enemy has released STRONGEST DEMONS to BUFFET MY PROPHETS AND WATCHMEN. He is trying to weigh them down. He is working day and night to prevent them from praying and interceding for My saints and church at this last hour.

He understand the power of prayer of My chosen vessels therefore he is attacking them fiercely. Some of My warriors are laying down bed ridden because of affliction of their physical bodies. He thinks by weakening their mortal bodies he will prevent My will and purposes. Even though they are weak in their physical bodies they are strong in their spirits and are in deep intercession for My Bride.

He has even attacked some in their finances. He is trying to dry out their resources and finances. Others of My saints are passing through hardest and severe scenarios in their marriages, workplaces because of their continual intercession for My divine will to ve done on earth.

At midnight an army of demons from hell are released to afflict My chosen vessels with fatigue and weaknesses upon their physical bodies in order for them not to wake up to pray

He does not stop at that,during the day he brings in scenarios to hurt, anger and dissapoint My chosen vessels in order to fins a weak spot and entry point in their lives.

But My chosen vessels, worry not for I AM gas securely ensured u are guarded 24-7 with heavenly Angels and armies.Your families, close friends, houses and properties are all heavily guarded at this hour.

Worry not of what the enemy is doing andwill increase to do to ur physical bodies and well being. Your soul is protected.

Know that at this ur faith will be more increased and strengthen. The more the affliction the more the anointing and glory to be revealed through you. Only fear Me who has power over ur soul

Be alert,sensitive and at guard. Listen attentively to My Holy Spirit. If need be, you can reannoint your dwelling places,properties and I will move in on your behalf.

To him that is suffering physical ailments, worry not for I am releasing My divine healing power that is quickening your feeble body. I will NEVER LEAVE YOU TO SUFFER ALONE AT THE HAND OF YOUR ENEMY

Arise oh My Church and PRAY! PRAY!!! for My chosen vessels that they will withstand the satanic and demonic attacks upon them and that My will and purposes for them will come to pass.

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