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Strategy, USA is first & Humoz intensity! – Caroline Diadem

Strategy, USA is first & Humoz intensity!

Caroline Diadem

A few recent words from God given 14th – 17th July 2019.

Link for Chuck Youngbrandt:
Located at segment 2:04

Auto Transcript:

good afternoon friends and Caroline on
here again I have received and couple of
words from the Lord so I just want to
share those and with you I was away in
holiday actually and when I received
these this word so I’ll just crack on
into it for you and so this was first
one was received on the 16th of July of
this month 2019 so basically I just went
and spent some time alone with the Lord
and as I was doing so I was worshipping
God and I just had I don’t know I just
had a sense of his greatness of his
righteousness and I was just really
weeping before him and then the Lord
impressed this upon my heart so I’m
gonna read this first this is what the
Lord is putting on my heart and then I’m
going to read your word that I later on
am had put in my journal then that’s
sort of alongside in in a way but has a
lot more kind of detail and so I’ll just
read this first mmm
so this is it here how great are you Oh
you place earth on your scales of
justice to weigh it you weigh all our
works Oh Lord to demondo and this is
like a brazilian word portuguese word
which is like to everybody to the whole
world and I kept getting that actually I
used to attend a Brazilian church so I
know some Portuguese but I didn’t
actually know the meaning of this word
because it’s a long time since I was at
the church but I kept getting this word
to demondo to the Hmong though and then
as I was worshiping the Lord and then as
I was getting this message you have been
we have been weighed on your scales and
found wanting
I cry out to you from mercy have mercy
oh lord have mercy
so basically I was kind of sensing our
sensing the weight of the Lord in that
he was weighing out the
world on the earth against his scales of
righteousness that’s what I was sensing
and as I was sensing this I was weeping
before the Lord because I could just was
it was just like I would had a burden
from him concerning this and I continued
we have experienced God’s mercy and so
shall we experience God’s judgment God
says it we shall experience not one
without the other so shall it be my
friend sorry now call upon the Lord
while he is near that you may not be
found wanting
reach out towards his mercy so that you
can be cleansed with his holy precious
blood of the lamb without blemish or
spot for His mercies are new every
morning but his wrath against sin burns
as a consuming fire do not be found
wanting my friends from many are seated
on the brink and abyss of an eternal
flame make your salvation sure cleave to
him who saves leave to his mercy his
grace his love do not forget the one who
loves you who gave all for you know not
for one moment these times are too
serious and men many I tell you many are
seated on the cliff of an eternal flame
love one another this is my command love
one another do not despise or judge each
other friends for every one shall give
an account of his deeds done in the
I am Abba the Eternal Father who loves
you with everlasting love and affection
who gives my very son to save you and
who yearns for the lost everyday reach
out to save and deliver my children who
were bought with a great price so that
was the first message and then I have
another message
that I wrote into my journal later that
that pertains to some of the political
events that are going on and that was a
very very deep intense message that I
had received from the Lord it was like I
could just feel his yearning for
Humanity and for the world and for that
his justice was being weighed up against
the measure of the sins of the world and
that the measure of the sins the world
in it was found wanting that was the
real heart that I felt from the Holy
Spirit with that message so I want to
read you this then that I put into my
journal on the thirteenth of Gerar II
the 14th of july 2019 and while I was
away so I said here while praying today
I was praying in tongues and felt God’s
lamentation for the world and for the
lost a sad lament for humanity that he
loves and died for us that was the sense
of tongues it felt like a painful
yearning and longing for people i sat on
to a quiet pantry and sang I worship
your mighty God I began to weep at the
love and majesty of the Lord for you are
my righteousness was the words of the
song and I was so grateful for his
righteousness and okay and then I just
mentioned that I wrote a message of it
in my phone which was the message I read
read to you now I continue on all the
nations are being weighed on God’s
scales of righteousness and are being
found wanting that was the essence of
the message it felt like trouble was
looming and that’s what I sense as well
that there was this huge trouble looming
on the horizon um okay the Straits of
Hormuz intensity hidden agendas some
being exposed watch this place it’s not
going away
trouble dwells at the Straits of Hormuz
next in line who will make the next move
wait with bated breath yes they are
being baited like a worm on a hook
dangling the fishing line into the ocean
will they recover will there be a
recovery from this a war awaits the
strategy the strategic move must be
played a dangerous game of strategy with
patience keep the head cool
Putin is watching he is hungry for war
he is ready he is already strategically
placed for war does Trump know he is
being played his advisors smell
something going on
wise advisors have held him back but for
how long
East versus West who will win this is
another Wild West but not all are in the
game yet France wake up you are being
targeted to Great Britain not so great
you have been so distracted by your
eternal Wars you have not prepared
yourself against your Eastern enemies
the USA first of course it must be but
Eastern Europe you are a target too now
when I saw Eastern Europe I saw a few
nations popping up out of Eastern Europe
that were going to be specifically
targeted I didn’t know the names of the
nations but I saw them you know raised
up as you know so they were there were
strategic countries in Eastern Europe I
don’t know if it was like Poland or and
one or two others but I believe they’re
they’re targeted by by Putin the rockets
will hit you too many of the pieces are
in place
world dominance is the game that’s
what’s on the offering plate a world you
will be shaken you have meant you have
measured been measured on my scales of
justice and have been
wanting Christian nations where are you
why are you not awake seek me while you
have still time seek my face now for the
times are treacherous
watch those ships nearing your borders
watch those tanks sneaking across the
terrain watch those subs prowling those
waters this is a plan of determination
and strategy I’ve been holding it back
for so long my people pray stay awake
repent repent seek my face seek my mercy
a time of trial is upon you my beloved
my tears flow my tears flow day and
night go into your closet and seek me my
beloved seek my love my mercy my
strength for those who seek me shall
find me and those who knock the door
shall be opened I love you with an
everlasting love I have made an eternal
covenant with you my love let your heart
not fail neither let it be afraid I
reveal myself to my beloved servants
your messiah so that’s the word I
received I was interceding at the time
and I just want to say that I just felt
that the it’s so important for the
intercessors right now to be praying and
that we just need to be seeking the Holy
Spirit for the things that are about to
transpire that was just really really
strong in me it felt like I was weeping
earlier on you know when I got the first
message because there was such a burden
on me and it just felt like I just could
cry forever that’s just the whole
feeling it was it was just like that I
was like the tears of the Lord was just
like flowing and flowing I just felt I
could have just kept crying all day and
not ceased you know that was just a
feeling of the bird and that the Lord is
carrying and so I just want to mention
another thing 17th of July a couple of
days ago yeah I just saw a flash vision
a very very quick flash vision I don’t
know what this is but I just saw very
very large billows of black smoke that’s
what I just saw
large billows of black smoke don’t know
if it’s a volcano don’t know if it’s a
missile I don’t know what it is but
that’s what I clearly saw and I also was
seeing a ship and the other day and I
kept seeing the same ship and the news
so I must actually check that out I
should have done it already I forgot all
about that and the other thing was like
there there has been quite a few
confirmations about troubling the
Straits of Hormuz which I’ve gone been
gone through a few those prophecies and
I’m actually amazed at how they
completely overlap and confirm these
words but what really struck me as well
was there was one given by a guy called
Chuck Rembrandt who gave a prophecy in
back in 1983 he’s just passed away I
think in the last year or two and his
prophecy was always very profound to me
but just there recently someone had you
know posted a clip and he had mentioned
about trouble happening in the Straits
of Hormuz and this being one of the
fiery kick off events that was going to
happen so I’ll try and find that video
and I’ll post a link I think it’s a long
video and so I’ll try and put the
minutes where he’s talking about that
particular event if I can but I just
thought that was really amazing to me
so anyway em thank you so much guys and
continue to give me your comments and
look just to say this please love one
another you know please don’t judge
other prophets leave it with the Lord
pray for them
it’s very it’s you know people can be
heavily under attack and a lot of us any
of us can be deceived any of us can be
deceived I just seen a lot of videos
going around lately mmm
on the internet I haven’t wanted to get
involved with it because it’s looking
messy so all I just want to say brothers
and sisters let’s support each other in
love and prayers and keep our eye on the
target which is Jesus Christ keep our
eyes on the goal which is the Lord you
know that’s the most important thing and
this date setting and times of rapture
coming and all is and no man knows the
day or the hour that’s what the
scriptures say we don’t know so that’s
why we have to do what Jesus Christ said
which is watch and wait you know and we
are watched man just pointing to his the
signs of the times that God and you know
gives to us praise His name praise the
Lord praise the Lord always for his
goodness and his greatness he loves us
so much he loves you so much and be
encouraged my brothers and sisters
please them you know keep your faith
strong stay in his words you know and so
that’s what I want to say I thank you so
much give me whatever feedback and if
you see any confirmations of this word
please feel free to send of course I’ll
be delighted to have a look at those
things and thank you so much for those
of you who are constantly supporting me
in prayer and in encouragement and your
emails a lot of you’re sending me emails
encouraging me I just want to thank you
so much as some of you you guys are
doing tremendous work there as well
behind the scenes for the Lord I see
that and so god bless you all goodbye


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