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May 28, 2024 9:44 AM

I’m the type of believer that I worship and think on God from the time I wake up until I fall asleep. Even in my dreams God (Yah) is there and the name of Jesus or JESUS CHRIST is continually upon my tongue to save and deliver.


I was in a half-awake, half-asleep state. I laid down at about 11pm while I was doing an end time bible study with my kids. I had been up all day and I was exhausted. I told them let me take a nap for a bit. I did not know we had a thunderstorm warning in affect from 9pm to 1am.During my sleep I hear a storm raging, it sounded terrible. I heard my kids’ voices; the storm sounds were so loud it penetrated my sleep. The whole time I’m in this partial awake state I hear FALLEN ONES being said repeatedly. I heard an alarm going off in my spirit, I had an ominous feeling come over me. Something was warning FALLEN ONES and possibly saying NEPHILIM. I wake up at about 12:50am. Now everything was silent and I was questioning did I really just hear a storm. I went and asked my kids who were still awake because I only been sleep almost 2 hours. They said yes there was a storm, it sounded bad they saw purple and white lightening and the sky was purple. The lightning was so bright, it brightened up the midnight sky. (Then my spirit said go to THE MASTERS VOICE PROPHECY BLOG, she has a prophecy called THE FALLEN ONES RETURN from May 29,2020. I knew I had read this before but the holy spirit directed me to it after this half-awake dream. In it she has a dream. She said she saw the sky directly above herself. A brooding sky. It was heavily overcast, boiling purple sky with thick grey and black clouds. I thought rain was falling from this sky but when I looked closely, I saw huge bolts of lightning falling amidst the rain. These bolts came down with such force they made a sound, zhoom! zhooosh! Jagged fluorescent spears of light fell from the heavens, coming down like powerful arrows. They fell and struck the ground with force, upright and glowing very brightly after they made contact. I knew these were the stars falling to earth, evil angels descending among us for the last days.) This was confirmation what I was hearing during that storm Sunday was the Nephilim coming back. God brought to my attention we got the most storms ever predicted this year 2024. I was thinking Lord that was a small storm and you warned of FALLEN ONES. What will these bigger storms coming bring with it.

Luke 10:18 Jesus said, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven

Hebrews 1:7 God said about the angels, “He makes his messengers winds. He makes his servants flames of fire.”

( I believe the good and bad angels can appear as lightning and winds we see in storms)


In this dream me and my children were traveling somewhere during the day. I had this understanding at night we needed to be inside. It would get so dark, like 3 days of darkness dark you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. So, I pulled over in some house (may have been mine) and sheltered during the night. The next day I left to run an errand and left my children at the house. As I’m going down the road in front of my actual house, I see meteors, fireballs falling from the sky coming through the clouds. They were descending down on this area people lived in. I started praying in the name of Jesus these would not hit me or my house that my children were in. The scene changed, I’m in the house with my kids. They were safe, I was saying these fireballs are a sign of Jesus Coming. I was stressing the importance of repentance and being ready spirit soul and body so we won’t be left behind. The scene changes again and I’m in a library with two women. One woman I knew and she was saying the news said the fireballs are some type of weird weather phenomenon. In the dream I was about to tell her of my dreams and visions and that the fire balls were a sign Jesus is Coming. Then I woke up.

(That was my first dream of seeing rocks on fire coming down. My son had dreams of meteors falling repeatedly. My coworker told me within the last month, she dreamed of being left behind and she saw fire balls falling from the sky. I been reading 444 Prophecy News getting lots of confirmation from people like Julie Whedbee who saw the red fiery planet which I have also seen. She connected the fireballs and even hinted to the 3 days of darkness in the same prophecy. I also got more dreams April 2024 of the 3 days of darkness. Confirmation upon confirmation)

From April 9-May 2, 2024.I was dreaming end time dreams every night. I never had that happen. Some of them nights my 10-year-old was getting the same dream or similar dreams. He was seeing it more clearly than me. I already shared his dreams in full and God was giving me a second witness using my baby who was waking up at the same time as me. It was amazing because that never happened to me before. I’m going to attempt to share with you the dreams I have not already shared. The ones I remember.

(Dream April 10,2024) REBUKING THE FEVER

This night my 2-year-old was not feeling good. My mom had called me while I was at work just informing me, he wasn’t feeling well. That night I get home, he felt like he had a fever but I was thinking I will just take him to the doctor tomorrow. I go to sleep; I didn’t see much but I heard everything. Someone said, COMMAND THE BABY FEVER TO LEAVE IN THE NAME OF JESUS.I wake up still heavily tired barely able to stay awake. I put my hand on my baby and commanded the fever leave in the name of Jesus and I drifted back off to sleep. The next day I still took him to the doctor but the doctor said he seemed okay and he didn’t have a fever. He was just still whiney.

Luke4:39 So Jesus went over to her and ordered the fever to go away. Right then she was able to get up and serve them a meal.

(April 9,2024 I already shared how I had a dream of God showing me not being prepared for the 3 days of darkness. That dream made me order all my supplies I would need. I dreamed the whole month of April even the dates I don’t list, I can’t really remember what I shown in those dreams. I just remember dreaming of dinosaurs, ufo’s, 3 days of darkness, but I just can’t remember what I was shown.)

(Dream April 12,2024) PEOPLE WILL CHANGE

In this dream I heard 3 DAYS OF DARKNESS, AND PEOPLE WILL CHANGE. I saw a picture of a zombie. This particular zombie picture was the video cover or picture from a sister in Christ on Youtube who God showed her zombies in Africa and people changing. Her channel is CALLED TO CONQUER the exact picture I saw in my dream was the black zombie man that’s her cover for her video ZOMBIES IN SOUTH AFRICA 2023.


This dream started off with me knowing I was undercover. I was in a very influential building possibly something like The White House. I had snuck in to take a key. I knew I was saving people for the Lords army. I was going to need this key once I fund them to set them free. Then alarms went off. Secret service protection units started running up the stairs, they realized the key I had was missing and enemy forces were inside. Which the enemy force was me. I see the antichrist wife coming up the steps with these security units. I hid the key but I was blending in with them somehow. Then the dream ended.

(Dream November 3,2023) 1 in 144,000

In this dream I see a screen that says 1 in 144,000. I feel like a superhero. I could feel the adrenaline going through my body. I heard supernatural powers and save people. Those words were spoken to me. I could see images of superheroes fighting creatures or bad guys that wasn’t to clear. I don’t know if I was flying but everything was moving around me. The dream was over.

(Dream November 20,2023) Being told TELEPORT

In this dream I don’t know if I was flying through the air. I believe whoever I was with was carrying someone. Someone said to me you seem tired after your baptism, and they said TELEPORT. The details wasn’t to clear but they told me to teleport.

(Dream April 17,2024) Dream of ALIEN GREY, PARALYSIS

In this dream. I think it was a dream. I was in my bed laying exactly how I slept and woke up. With my baby beside me in the exact way we sleep. I see possibly a 4 of 5 ft tan alien grey by my bed. I’m seeing it from the waist down, like I was taken out my body standing behind it looking at it. Then I’m back in my body in my bed, paralyzed and I knew this creature caused it. I was having trouble speaking and moving. I was attempting to say I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ. As I kept trying the words came out, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ. Then I was able to move and was free, the dream ended. I had quite a few dreams of seeing creatures that can paralyze me but the name of Jesus breaks their hold on me. Or if I didn’t see the creature in the dream I woke up and saw the creature in the room with me.

(Dream April 18,2024) ARISE MY 144,000/DINOSAUR BONES DREAM

In this dream I could see nothing but hear everything. I heard Vicki Goforth Parnell voice. She was saying “Arise my 144,000”. Then the dream changed. It was so vivid. I’m outside my old house. I see a massive TREX skull on the ground. I had a phone in the dream I took a picture and looked away. Before I looked away I studied how massive the skull was, its eye sockets, but its teeth caught my attention they were nothing like the teeth on the actual skeleton we are shown. It had rows of sharp jagged teeth like an ocean creature. Its hard to explain. When I looked away and turned back the skull had taken a bite out the ground. The skull was still again but the ground bore its hideous teeth mark. Then I looked away again. The skull was gone. I checked my phone; the picture was there but without the skull. It disappeared from in front of me and from the picture in my phone. I woke up.

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