Strange Days Ahead But God Is With Us – Janice Sharp

By Janice Sharp

Strange Days Ahead But God Is With Us


One more time I will call upon the house of Israel to repent, for once they see what their man of peace will do, they will know that I AM the Lord their God. Repent my children, for you have grown fat on the food sacrificed to idols. Oh Jerusalem, how I have grieved over your transgressions. I will come when you are sleeping and take those who you hate. My bride, who you handed over the keys to the kingdom. What more can I do to call you to return to me, for when they say Peace and Security, the trap will ensnare you and you will not escape. Woe to those pregnant and nursing mothers at this time. Run to the hills when you see the testing of the saints. Come to me while it is still daylight and run back to the One you left behind. All those who did not seek me will perish by the sword, by famine and by plague. The time has come my doves, those who are ready will come into My chambers and find rest. Come up hither and you will see the glorious delights I have in store for you. Why can I not get the hearts of my chosen people to bend to My will? Because they are hardened to stone from all their filth, whoring after their gods and going the way of Baal. I will humble them and once they are made low, the blinders will come off and oh how they will wail when they see My Son as how He is in all His Glory.

Run away and see how far you will get. I laugh at the plans of the wicked ones who think they have it all planned and mapped out how this time is going to go, so many will fall while still in their sin. Those who remain will scatter once more. What a day that will be. A day of sorrow like none other. Wash your robes now My children and wait for my call at midnight. Come out to meet me my doves, turn up your lamps and lead as many as you can to the light. The clock strikes midnight, then the timekeeper will be allowed to play with the hands of time. Nobody knows my time, even those who say they do. Do you see now? They are all following their own ideas, even after they wrongly proclaim over and over.

More will start to leave behind their old ways of living and go where I send them. Walking by faith and not by sight. Ready to go where I will send them. Come in, come now, for the door will shut and the blades will fall on the heads of those who did not seek me now. Woe, woe, woe to the ones who waited too long. They needed to see proof and did not listen to my messengers. I had you read Ezekiel so you could see that when I send a watchman to proclaim, he must proclaim, lest the guilt not rest on him for those who are taken in their sins. Go to those who are lost first, and then to those who have become comfortable in their ways of life. **Here I heard specific words for those close to me but will not post as I am to go to them privately. It seems that the Lord is saying that He will call those who are waiting and ready for Him and they will hear something that others will not.

Rise up to meet Him and send in the calvary to round up the stragglers. My eyes will search to and fro across the earth for every last lost sheep. It is all My timing daughter and no man can force My hand. Sit still and seek My Face, not worrying about who to go to. I will show you and give you the words to speak. They will come to Me when they see the calamities thrust upon the inhabitants of the earth, but you must warn them that the prophecies are about to be fulfilled. Seek Me and My Spirit will show you how. Turn away from all the cares of this world, seeking only My will.

Write of the time when the Watchers will be called back to take their places at the helm of the ship of fools. What a monstrosity they will make of the inhabitants. Sickness will overtake the minds of wicked men and they will no longer resemble a human, but will slither and slide with sideways eyes and flickering tongues. [I did question here that I was hearing from God]. Oh I am speaking, have faith. You asked Me and I have responded. Blessed are you who seeks Me first.

Now write of the time time when darkness will cover the land as the sickle comes to reap the tares. They will be cut down and thrown into the fire with blades of steel especially made for them by My Holy ones. Centred on the earth is My garden, which will once again be filled with life. I have heard your pleas to destroy those who have decimated My ways with their sick agendas. I know how this frustrates you to see the destruction. You see their prison bars but so many do not. Their concoctions are spun and spread throughout the whole world, for they need a place for their amphibious ways. They are creating their own environment. But oh how they will howl when I break their boughs and stick their assentations to them. It would be better if they had never been born.

Time to look up some words here:

Amphibious: Able to live on both land and water or a tactic used by soldiers who are brought to land in special boats – carried out by land and sea forces acting together

Assentations: immediate and usually flattering or hypocritical assent; Insincere or obsequious assent; hypocritical or pretended concurrence; Hasty, typically servile agreement with another’s opinions

Write of the time when they own necks will be cut by the machines they have created. Satan’s army will destroy their own ranks when some do not follow through as they were supposed to. Sick minds that were polluted by their own savage ambition. Their time is wrought with all the destruction they have been serving up to others. And so it shall be done.

Run to Me for all you need and seek not to hide anything from Me. I will protect you from the snare my child. Wait just a little while longer until I have called all that I have chosen among the nations. Get to work. I love you.



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