Strange Clouds, Strange Rain, Army of Skeletons – Jared Olfert

Strange Clouds, Strange Rain, Army of Skeletons

Sep 13, 2019 11:51:59 PM
Jared Olfert
I would like to share this latest dream with you.
Dated: September 9th, 2019
This dream begins with me in the mountains with somebody I have never met but have seen on YouTube.
LOCATION: This place where we are at was a beautiful mountain Campground or hiking area as that was the reason I was there.
SITUATION: We we’re about to leave for the hiking trip when a major storm was starting.
DISTANCE: The hike (for some reason) was very short, only 800 meters.
I remember this distance clearly.
DESCRIPTION OF THE STORM: As the storm started to set in I saw the most crazy largest meanest clouds that I have ever seen.
Look at the image of the clouds that I’ve attached herewith. And now imagine that wall of clouds to be meaner than in the picture and 100 times taller so that the wall of clouds seemed rising endlessly taller above the mountain.
These clouds rested on top of the mountain like a weight and there was no limit to how high it was it was incredibly intense to look at.
In the next part of the dream I was quite a ways away from the starting point of the storm so that I could clearly see the rain start.
STRANGE RAIN: It was not the “rain” as we know it but it looked like “tiny black beads” falling from the clouds and they quickly began covering the sides of the mountain as they rolled down.
There had to have been hundreds of thousands of these black beads, more than I could count.
In the next part of the dream I was brought closer to where those beads were falling. They turned out not to be black beads or rain drops at all but “skeleton soldiers” in “Black heavy armour” raining down from this weird dark cloud. These creatures were literally skeletons.
I did not see them slay anyone but people who were hiding in the rocks (sort of caves) or in cracks of the earth, I saw that these skeletons laid over the entrances and cracks to where these people were hiding so that these people could not escape, no matter what.
It seemed I was the only person they actually attacked with a sword and somehow I had my own sword and they were unable to harm me in any way. Then I woke up.
Brother in Yeshua,


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