Storms of Life – Cheryl Adama

Cheryl Adama

Febuary 12, 2019

Storms of Life

Foolish, foolish people who walk in a sloppy gospel that they have created. It is disgusting in My eyes for it reeks of dishonor to My Son, and of our Majesty. They revel in seduction and adulterous harlotry and hunger to only indulge in more of this – in MY Name! I take no pleasure in these! For My wrath is being stored up in them – for My fury to be poured onto them – and they walk in such arrogance they do not see and know this! It is a lake of sewage in My eyes – and am far from its profanity. When they see and hear the Truth, Way and Life, they are offended and speak blasphemy from their own lips against God for He is a stumbling block to them. Their ears only grow deafer and eyes become blinder and their hearts become harder still. This bread they take part in, is poison to their very souls and corrupts. They are right in their own eyes – and seek not to be right in My eyes. The glory they claim is of their own making. The power they say is around them is nothing of Me. They are marked with futile lives that will ever strive in their flesh to get right that only can be done by My Spirit, in My Son. For they seek the strength of man in his inventions, philosophies and religion to satisfy, gratify and sanctify them – and have not built upon the Rock what they have called their faith. For when anyone has taken hold of Me, they grow roots deep down, into Me – where nothing can come against them that will destroy them. For though they are met with calamity in the storms of life, they will be like a tree planted whose leaf does not wither, but will be sustained so they may walk through and remain in My own strength. I am a refuge for all who are found in Me. To be found in Me – means that you have invested your life – in Me. When the storms of life come, it is clear who is founded upon My Rock, for they seek no one, and nothing to get them through – but look only to Me. What their mouths speak reveals which gospel they have believed.

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