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February 28, 2021 11:35 AM

On Dec. 2, 2020 I had this dream. I was in a large building with my son Noah. He was following me around like a shadow but did not interfere with my dream. Inside the building there were many people coming and going in different directions. They all had blank looks on their faces. Everywhere we went, we kept going up and down these sets of stairs trying to find a place to hide and we kept entering new empty rooms/places, but we never saw any doors leading to the outside. The building was patrolled by men in uniforms wearing large weapons. They sort of resembled Storm Troopers. We also noticed several checkpoint locations with scanners where people were scanning their hands to get in and out of rooms. All these people coming and going, but no human interaction. In one instance, it appeared that one of the Troopers had seen us (he looked right at us) but in fact hadn’t. In another incident, we were going up a set of stairs and when we got to the top, the Trooper was right there minding the scanner and asked me to come forward and scan my hand. I knew I didn’t have a chip in my body and thought, ‘oh, oh he found me!’ But when I went to scan my hand, even though I didn’t see anything, he must have seen something, because he told me I could go ahead into the next room. Then I saw a family walking towards us and all 3 of them had barcodes on their foreheads.


The first thing I want to make a note about is regarding my son Noah. Although he followed me around, he didn’t involve himself in the dream. The Lord revealed to me that his purpose in the dream was to symbolize that just like Noah was safe in the Ark, so was I, inside God’s Ark and under His divine protection. Noah was a reminder to me of the Ark. The building represented a world which seemed to have no exits, but that didn’t matter because all I needed to get around was God and He was allowing me to move freely under His guidance. In many situations, it appeared we were going to be seen and taken hostages. Instead, the Lord took our circumstances to show us His glory and delivered us every single time from what seemed to be impossible situations. God made sure we were ‘invisible’ when the Trooper stared at us and made him see something on my hand which wasn’t there so we could keep moving.

Deut. 20:1-4
When you go to war against your enemies and see horses and chariots and an army greater than yours, do not be afraid of them, because the LORD your God, who brought you up out of Egypt, will be with you. When you are about to go into battle, the priest shall come forward and address the army. He shall say: “Hear, Israel: Today you are going into battle against your enemies. Do not be fainthearted or afraid; do not panic or be terrified by them. For the LORD your God is the one who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you victory.”

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