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Storm, Prepare, Full Armor, Lights Out – Angela

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Storm, Prepare, Full Armor, Lights Out

November 12, 2020 1:54 PM

I had received a personal, encouraging word for the first time on Wednesday afternoon 11/11/20. I had received a couple other short words in the near past one which I submitted to this site about the hammer of Gods judgment coming down and another time I heard Him say to me “Daughter, come close to me” but this was the first time I ever received a continuous word that I sat and wrote in my journal as he reassured me to trust Him and not look away and many more personal, caring and loving words of encouragement. I was on my phone and Youtube was blocking out every single video I tried to watch. I didn’t know if it was the enemy or God but I took it as a sign to get off my phone and open my bible so I did. I started reading psalms and I heard “Daughter” so I said “Lord, is that you speaking to me, what do you want to say, I’m listening” I ran and got a pen, sat down at my kitchen table and opened my journal and wrote what I heard in my spirit and received that personal word. I will keep that word to myself as I feel it was meant for me. I feel uncomfortable telling anyone these things because I don’t feel worthy to receive words or messages from the Lord God or for Him to speak to me or my spirit.

So I couldn’t sleep (that is normal for me as I don’t sleep well) and it was late, maybe midnight so I decided to go into my kitchen. I was praying asking the Lord if there’s anything He wants to show me or tell me please do and I heard:

“Storm, physical and spiritual”
“Be prepared”
“Full armor”
“Prepare, Prepare, Prepare”
“Be ready”

I prayed and asked Lord what is coming next and I heard:


Before I could ask what kind of darkness I heard:

“Lights out”
“You will have light”

Then I was praising Him and I heard:

“Don’t look away”

I said “What can I do?” I heard:


I also feel led to share what I believe was my first vision (again I feel uncomfortable calling it that as I don’t feel worthy to receive such a thing from the Lord). I feel I have received confirmation from other words, dreams and visions posted on this site from other believers about the same thing. One in particular that was recently posted last week. The reason I believe it was a vision is because unlike in a dream you can’t feel your physical body I could feel my body (if that makes sense). It was quick, maybe 10 seconds but felt real. So I was laying in my bed on my right side and I kind of woke up enough to know that I was lying in bed and I could feel my physical body and I was aware that I was laying down on the bed. Then I was standing what I believe was in my backyard in that dark at night and I looked up and saw the moon. It was huge. Way closer than normal. It was so big and close that I could see the craters on it and the details of them. As soon as I thought “Wow, look how close the moon is…” I saw a bluish grey ‘body’ (planet or moon) that was about half the size of the oversized moon roll or spin quite quickly from the right to left directly in front of the moon. I immediately without hesitation after seeing that thought “I have to go call my friends and family and tell them Jesus is coming”. I had this overwhelming urgency to run inside my house and get on my phone and call everyone I knew to tell them Jesus was coming and then it ended. This was significant as it was my first vision and I never dream or see things regarding the heavens or the moon or sun ect.

Full armor of God. No time left. Trust only Jesus. He is coming soon!!!! May the love of Jesus and the peace of God surpass all fear or anxiety we may be having. May the Lord God Jesus Christ our Savior protect you, keep you and save you from all that is coming. In Jesus name Amen.




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