Storm Is Coming – Timsetto

“Storm Is Coming”

June 9, 2020 4:17 AM

Received this quick dream on June 7th 2020

The dream was in a mall, There were many events going on in this mall. (stores, boxing, concerts, football, gambling card games, people were watching television on the big screens) these are the only events I remember, pretty sure there were more. These represented all the events that take place in the world today & then me and a friend were walking side by side & he gave warning & said “A storm is coming“  & then a thunder roared, everything in this mall began to close all of a sudden, the stores were pulling down the metal bars to shut them down & to close them.

Seconds before I fully woke up, I heard in my spirit “GET READY MY BRIDE“.

Judgement is coming & it’s coming like a storm. Get your houses in order & GET READY! Love you all! God Bless.


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