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Storm in NYC – A Heart Of Prayers

Storm in NYC

June 1, 2022 8:45 PM
A Heart Of Prayers

I got this prophetic word via a vision on Jan 15 2022 which I then write in my journal like I usually do.

Excerpt form journal:
While waking up this morning (Jan 15, 2022), I heard the Holy Spirit said strong winds, strange weather in NYC. Then i was taken up in a vision and the Lord allowed me to see strong gust of winds building up in Manhattan. It look like a Tornado. I was puzzled as to why a tornado would accurate in NYC, specifically Manhattan.

Then I hear the Lord say a storm is coming. After inquiring of the Lord I understood that he did not mean a physical storm but it was a metaphor for “difficult times.” And I saw a newspaper and news headline the following word “UNSECURED“. Then i saw roofs were being blown off buildings and houses. And I heard in my spirit “what was once secured will no longer be secure“. Whatever this is it will take the news by storm.




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