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September 4, 2020 4:30 PM
Amanda White

Fellow followers of Jesus Christ,

I have been given the urgency to now share another set of dreams and words I feel come from our Sovereign King. Hang in there, this is another lengthy set but the Lord has a time and place for all things. I will first list off the dreams in the order I received them, then will state the words and verses after. Before you read the content, please understand this is not to fear monger and I am not saying to follow man’s word over the Lord and His scriptures. I just want to make that clear, for I am just sharing with you my testimonies and revelations I received on my own personal account through prayer with Jesus. As the Lord keeps telling me, BRACE YOURSELF. BE PREPARED. I am not telling anyone to be scared, but have wisdom and look for the signs the Lord is so clearly showing us. Fill yourself up spiritually through His grace and get your house in order. God loves His children and is good all the time.

8/27/20 at 7:20 AM

The dream was in black and white, and took place in the 50’s or 60’s from what I could tell via bird’s eye point of view. There was an actress who also doubled as a model, and she had high authority over the media production. She demanded from her agent and producers for 44 models who could act decently enough to promote her agenda, and were at her beck and call. The lady in charge encouraged a particular set of fashion, and told her 44 employees to dress in the ensemble she provided for them. Interesting enough, these clothes and wigs were the only items in color, and appeared to be trends out of a 2020 magazine illustrated towards the current movements we see depicted in our media today (LGBQ, BLM, ANTIFA, etc.). The lead lady began training these groups of people how to act and to only wear the attire she lays out for them. They are not to divert from this, or they will be executed basically. She began what seemed like brainwashing them as there were different scenarios illustrated what was accepted and what wasn’t. I got the sense as I was watching that all of these movements have been strategically planned from early times. That the media has been leading us down a path where they’re controlling masses by puppet strings and a social communism society, as though they are just “reading a script and posing for the camera”. The employees were seen planning and rehearsing current events, and the media had a corrupt smile as they watched their plans play out for decades to come. When I woke up, I felt the Lord say NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS.”

8/27/20 at 3:31 PM

I felt the Holy Ghost fire fill me and I began experiencing a vision that felt like watching a cinema of an assembly line with my family of four in the kitchen. There were about 8-10 brown bags that are utilized to package groceries with, and we were filling up these bags for families in our communities with a variety of non-perishable food items. I saw rice, dry beans, cans of meat, bags of flour and cream of wheat or grits, bags of oats, canned vegetables, bags of noodles, macaroni and cheese boxes, peanut butter and marinara sauce. I saw the kids placing handmade cards to encourage the recipients with “Praying for you!” type of messages in the bags, alongside a recipe encourager for unleavened bread and how to make the most of these ingredients. The tops of the brown bags (now filled with items) were folded and stapled down and there was a message I wrote on the front of the bags. There was a picture of a pumpkin drawn (which made me think of fall) with a script that stated, “Thankful for the blessings God gives us daily. Faith. Hope. Peace.” and at the bottom of the bag showed “Proverbs 3:5-6” as if to lead recipients to this particular scripture. I remember thinking that we had to get these items in advance in order to help neighbors before stock was out, and saw tons of empty shelves in stores with many people starving and crying. I also heard the Lord say not to allow them to see our faces or where we live, for he warned they will come back and ask for more food or tell people we have food (which would lead to destruction of our house and family due to civil unrest).

8/27/20 at 6:45 PM

I was worshipping the Lord and closed my eyes to see three pyramids. The pyramids were beginning to be covered by a sandstorm and I felt the Lord tell me, “Do not be afraid for I am with you. Things that have been buried for centuries will come to the surface. Tell them I am coming. Tell them good news still exists.” Then I saw the days Wednesday, September 23rd and Sunday, September 27th. I kept asking the Lord for clarity and felt the urge to research these days for symbology. In my findings I realized that 9-23 is usually the day of the Autumn Equinox and felt the words “Change is coming” and then looked up the date 9-27 and found that is the Day of Atonement/Yom Kippur this year and saw waves of people praying and asking for forgiveness for their sins, then saw a judge gavel “hammering down” as if judgement will take place. For some reason this realization gave me a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach for those two days, but I felt the Lord say to trust His will and His plan for He will protect His obedient children.

8/28/20 at 7:31 AM

This dream was rather sinister in feeling, and came with the theme “Open your eyes. Do not be deceived.” In this dream, I was with my parents and brother alongside my family of four. I didn’t recognize the place we were staying in but had the feeling it was temporary housing. The walls were white and the lights were a dim orange color. The ambiance was one out of a horror film, for we did not feel safe and could not sleep. It was pitch black outside and was a late hour. We were celebrating my mom’s birthday (which is in the middle of December), but there were no decorations nor cake. We did not sing Happy Birthday. We sat in the small living room of this place, and just kind of stared at each other. Let me make this clear, this was not normal behavior AT ALL. We are a very loud and humorous family typically. My mom began acting really strange. She started out acting drunk (not typical at all) and then began making sudden jolting movements. I realized she wasn’t feeling herself, but didn’t think too much of it. I then stood up and walked over to my now standing dad off to the side of the living room. I told him mom was acting a bit peculiar compared to usual, as I was making small talk. What my dad said next scared the living daylights out of me, “That’s not your mother..” I looked at him with eyes wide open in shock, and looked at my mom again more closely this time. She began making demonic movements, as if possessed and laughed uncontrollably in a demonic manner. I looked at the rest of the family and realized there were satanic doubles of each of us, not just my mom. I began questioning who was truly themselves and what I could trust. Before this realization, I believed everything I saw. We had to discern who was their human self and who was not of the Lord, which eventually came much easier. Once everyone was sorted between themselves and their doubles, a random man came walking in our living room and the Codex Gigas (Devil’s Bible) appeared on a table suddenly. He opened it to the middle of the book and started throwing the doubles into the book. Each time a double was thrown in the book, the book would close as if it were a mouth and I heart bones being crushed and grinded as if the book was eating these demonic sources and placing them back in hell. After all the doubles were gone, the man then said he was sick of the Lord’s people realizing the plans of the prince of darkness and decided to get rid of this particular deception to work on a new one, warning that worse deceptions would be coming to the world.

8/28/20 at 9:46 AM

I was praying to Jesus about understanding and I felt the Lord give me the following message, “Major changes are coming as many must atone for their sins. Deceptions will be heightened. The prince of darkness cannot deceive you if you open your eyes and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you through these unprecedented times. The evil one will seem like he is giving up after these deceptions are found out, but he will come back with stronger deceptions each time he ‘flees’. BRACE YOURSELF. BE PREPARED. Pray for your eyes to instill the Holy Ghost’s wisdom. Only trust the Sovereign King’s word, as these are trying times.” I then felt the nudge of how it will be harder and harder to discern with the upcoming tricks of the devil. Be ready to follow the Lord’s guidance, and rely on Him only.

8/30/20 at 3:05 AM

*PT 1* Woke from a dream that I felt the Lord told me was a confirmation to Pastor Liberty (from Spirit Move Ministry) and Pastor Dana Coverstone (from Living Word Ministries) prophetic dreams. This dream took place on a boat that looked like a small cruise liner. I kept feeling like this boat was supposed to represent a part of America. There were hundreds (almost thousands) of families on board, adults and children alike. This boat was basically our home for a lengthy duration (don’t know how long exactly, but felt like months). This dream took place during cooler weather with dark gray clouds, and the water was a navy blue color. The boat was transporting people across the ocean, and the boat went through a lot of unexpected, unseen impacts I thought would sink us all. These random great shakings to the boat confused everyone on board because there was no physical force that caused damage. The waves were not damaging, there was no thunder or lightning, nor rain. There were no other vessels to be seen on or in the water. Everything that happened occurred deep under the water, to prevent us all from knowing the origin and weapon utilized. In this dream, I was actually corresponding with Pastor Liberty via email and Pastor Dana via facetime chats (I do not know either pastor in real life other than what they post as visions, and only emailed Pastor Liberty’s staff and not herself previously). The pastors and myself were attempting to decipher what the Lord revealed to us in order to protect the body of Christ and save as many souls for the Sovereign King’s glory. We were encouraging and praying with one another, alongside those who would listen to us. The shakings eventually sank us 3/4 of the way into the water when we saw the pier ahead for our end destination (at this time, we were in shallow water). The boat was physically sinking on its left side, which I felt was significantly symbolized for politics (democratic party). When we lost all hope, the boat began randomly lifting out of the water as an act of a miracle. The boat was repaired instantly, even though there was no physical indicator of help or aide to the boat. We were officially upright on the water again with no physical damage showing, and reached the end destination at the docks (still cloudy ambiance and dark waters, yet everyone including the captains forgot the incident and acted as though nothing bad happened during our journey).

8/30/20 at 8:07 AM

*PT 2* I went back to sleep after the first dream and realized I was in the middle of the journey on the ocean via the boat again. I was warning people onboard of the famine this time, that hunger would soon arise both on the boat and when we docked. I advised them to pace themselves on their food and water consumption so the famine would not impact us so badly. Most people aboard the boat would not heed any of my warnings, even though there was clearly a famine on the rise through empty shelves. I came across a basement in the ship when looking for resources to utilize. I found an old storage (had cobwebs and dust all over) with some rotten food of bags that were open, but also contained a lot of unspoiled food and supplies that could be utilized. I quickly realized that this storage belonged to my parents (who are not preppers) as I saw my dad’s old 80’s blazer. Behind the blazer hanging on the wall was a small ziplock bag that contained a plain white piece of paper and about 7-10 gold coins that were the size of quarters. I remember staring at the coins for some reason, trying to understand why they were there and hidden away instead of in his room. Thankfully my parents did indeed heed my warnings from before getting on the boat and during our voyage. Between them and my family, we were able to feed the masses via the grace of God. Towards the end of the journey, I heard the captains say “CODE GOLD” over and over again. I then woke up feeling like I have been warned again, and researched what CODE GOLD might mean, if there was such a thing. I found one of the meanings is a launch code for nuclear weapons provided to the President of the USA in their role as Commander-in-Chief of the US armed forces. The gold codes allow the president to authorize a nuclear attack. I found this rather fitting to the attacks we were feeling on the boat (missiles and war), and believe the gold coins symbolized how many missiles would impact us.

9/1/20 at 2:27 AM

*PT 1* I dreamt I was staying in my childhood home with my family (that has an overview of a lake and a very large, deep pool). There are several windows in this house, and there were several dark clouds in the sky alongside the water being a navy blue color. We were all wearing warm clothing and it was chilly out, even though we were located in a valley within AZ. It began raining brown rice all over the world. It came down like a very heavy blizzard of snow, and covered the entire earth, filling all bodies of water and land. People not indoors would perish due to the abundance of the rice, for it would cover them like water. I remember thinking when would this ever end, and news reports talked about how there didn’t seem like there was an end in sight. We ate up all our food reserves and did not open the door for any reason. All the sudden, after what felt like months of duration, the raining rice stopped. The rice suddenly disappeared and everyone was fearful for the times ahead as there was a warning that stated “THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING. MORE JUDGEMENTS WILL ARISE.”. Without notice, I began seeing images of the story of Joseph from the bible and how he had warning dreams from God, foretold the famine, and was prepared for the famine. “ABUNDANCE TO BARON” I saw. We realized we should have stocked up on the rice while it was abundant, and would now starve for a period of time as we did not heed the warnings.

9/1/20 at 3:23 AM

*PT 2* Went back to sleep and had the second part of the dream. Inside this dream showed what happened after the rice stopped raining. All over the world shelves were empty, water was becoming bare, lines and lines for food rations took place and everyone’s “food cups” didn’t even have a granule of rice. Riots broke out, stores were looted, crops were rotted out, stock was mostly killed off and there were no supplies left to find either (toilet paper, medications, survival supplies, etc.). So much chaos and so much destruction took over the world. People were starving, and I couldn’t help them. I woke up and heard the Lord say, “STORE MORE NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. GREAT FAMINE COMING- LAST WARNING!”

9/4/20 at 1:03 AM

In this dream, the Lord had a YouTube channel that I was subscribed to and had the bell set for alerts when he would “drop a video”. The Lord was talking about a famine that was yet to come. He said everyone needed to stock up on non-perishables while we can. GREAT FAMINE COMING- LAST WARNING! There were stalks of rice featured with a bright orangey-yellow sun in his video as the background image depicted while he spoke. “TELL AS MANY AS POSSIBLE THE WARNING. A GREAT FAMINE IS COMING!”


Colossians 2:6-15
Acts 2:14-21
1 Corinthians 12:1-11, 14:1-17
Matthew 6:1-4, 6:25, 7:7, 7:13, 11:27-30, 24:1-39
Leviticus 16:1-34
John 5:16-32


If, as Christ followers, we don’t take advantage of the Lord’s warnings, we are not using wisdom He has given us for the journey we have ahead. The prince of darkness is all over, trying to discourage us and cause destruction. But we are children of the Lord. We will not be shaken, yet obedient. We must heed all the spiritual warnings He has given us around the world. He is preparing us so we will not doubt Him and we will be ready to assist others during these upcoming shakings. When the enemy clouds us with famine and destruction, we will be one up on him thanks to our Sovereign King, the Lord of the Most High! Do not be afraid, but feel blessed for He is with us always! Get your house in order, stock up the non-perishables and survival equipment while you can. Save up seeds, hygiene products and medications before they are illegal to buy without ration or no longer in stores. Don’t panic buy, but pray to the Lord what you and your family will need during these trials and tribulations that are coming. Glorify Jesus by helping those in your community and around you, in a safe anonymous manner. Help Him save as many souls for His Heavenly Kingdom. Do not be deceived yet fix your eyes on Jesus and the word of God. DO NOT FEAR, PREPARE what you can and He will provide the rest for you.

God bless,

Amanda White


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