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March 31, 2024 4:46 PM
Christ’s Small Sheep

Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I share a dream that I feel at liberty to share now, it was a dream I had about ten years ago that was so vivid, I can remember every detail to this day. It is a confirmation of other posts that I have seen on the same subject.

In the dream I found myself in a dark bedroowith, there was a muslim woman there, she was dressed in the traditional hijab. I watched her as she pushed a big basket that was suspended by the ceiling, the basket was full of toddler boys that were fully dressed in the male muslim dress complete with the little round hat, they were all dressed in white. As the woman pushed the basket, she hummed a song to them. Finally, she looked over at me and smiled with a devious looking grin and put her index finger to her lips as if she was asking me to hide this ‘secret’.
Then the scene changed, I was in Chicago (my home town), boarding the local train, which in Chicago is called the ‘L’. The train stopped, and the doors opened, and out of the train came young white men all dressed in the traditional muslim garb, I tried to get their attention, and ask them why they were dressed that way, the mood was sombre, and I had the feeling that this was actually a uniform. I entered the train to speak to the conductor about it when the train doors closed and the train picked up speed, this was not my train and I wished to get off. I reached the conductor (who was a dark skinned Arab dressed in the muslim clothes) and asked him why everyone was dressed as muslims, he would not answer. The train went faster and faster, and when I asked him to please stop the train, he turned to me and said ‘It is too late’.

I understood on waking what the dream meant. God was answering a question that I had concerning America and the muslims. I could already see the growing influence of this religion in Europe but thought, surely, America would escape it?

I believe God is warning the US about the plan of the enemy to impose this evil religion on it’s people. Please pray about this, I don’t believe that ‘it’s too late’, what is impossible with man, is not impossible with God! May this motivate us to share the gospel of Christ to everyone we can, especially the muslim people!

Christ’s Small Sheep

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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