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October 28, 2022 12:31 PM
Handmaid of the Most High

12:53 PM 10/28/22

Daughter write these words –

What will the son of man, the Son of God find when He returns to the earth?

Many of you will be busy busy busy, engrossed in your programs for “me”, never having been called to do those things, that you think is so important. “Oh, you work for the Lord!” but I will say to many of you depart from me workers of inequity. For you have purposed in your hearts what you will do for me, not having even sought my face for 5 minutes to ask me what I wanted from you.

I tell you now, many will not be in heaven, my heaven because I never knew you. My house has become a social club and a do gooders club. Join the Junior League if you want attention, go to Kiwanis to get your attaboys! I will not accept your offerings because they are tainted with pride, arrogance and self-importance and they are not a sweet-smelling savor to me because the activity was NEVER about me!

You wanted to put things on your resume instead of meeting the needs of the least of these.

Oh, yes, some smell, some haven’t had access to clean water on a regular basis, some don’t use the fancy words that you learned when studying for your SAT’s! I tell you, some of these have relationship with me, that if you truly understood my fellowship, you would envy!

So, many of you are so sodden with the stench of this world, that you stopped noticing it a long time ago! You don’t realize that the enemy doesn’t even bother you anymore because he already knows he can count on you! You just participate in your programs and move through your days, you are totally satisfied with yourself and the comfort zone you fashioned for yourself, not realizing that you have no idea who I AM!

Some of you who highly esteem yourselves because of titles or commendations from others have become of little use to me because you have become very satisfied with your achievements. Did I even call you to do those things? You surrender responsibilities to those who are NOT called to do them because you don’t want to invest the time and effort to do the job. Meanwhile, there is no fruit for your church nor will any be attributed to you because you failed to fulfill your call. So many of you stand utterly naked before me! My church has become an abomination, run by wolves and bears destroying that which should be Holy!

When my Son returns will He find YOU righteous? Will you repent of your own agendas before that mournful day? You resent this word but I tell you it is mercy that I call you to account now, while there is time to repent of your misdeeds and laziness. It is my love for you that I want you to have something to show for your time on this earth! I AM LOVE!

I will not contend with those who continue to ignore my call. I will not beg you to be my child. I certainly will not beg anyone to be my friend. It is my love that I do not want you cast into utter darkness for eternity and if your mind has been so polluted with the lies of this world that you can’t grasp this, then you have clearly chosen your eternity.

I am sending my Son soon.

What will He find you doing?


~Handmaid of the Most High~ Acts 2:18-19, Psalm 37:30


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Photos courtesy Depositphotos 


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