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Stop looking for me in these megachurches – Olasubomi Williams

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Stop looking for me in these megachurches

June 21, 2024 2:31 AM
Olasubomi Williams
Ezekiel 34, Psalm 23, 2 Peter 2, Matthew 24:24-28, Micah 3:3-7

Stop looking for me in these megachurches, I am not there. I reside in you, in your inner most being. I reside in the secret place. In the place you do not even know, I am there. Stop looking for me in these megachurches, I do not dwell in the altars built by men. I dwell in your hearts.

I do not dwell in the temple of Satan as many of these megachurches have been handed over to Satan. They are shrines leading many of my sheep’s to the slaughter. Like a butcher room, they go to their own destruction.

Anyone telling you, that I am in these megachurches is lying to you. They want to initiate you because they themselves do not know me. They are in a cult, though they do not know it.

These so called men of God in these megachurches are men of their own gods. They receive their power from satan and his angels. They do not know me, for if they know me, they will hear my voice and speak my words. They want to be their own gods, no, they are their own gods. They are proud and narcissistic and like to prove they are holier than thou all the while performing the most deplorable acts ever known to man. They have the antichrist spirit living in them and they are willing to do anything to make sure no one question their authority.
I am exposing their hearts before you now my children, count this as mercy from the throne of grace and escape from these places with your lives intact. They will come against you and speak evil against you. However, I am your protection, and your shield. Call unto me and I will answer you and I will show you great and mighty things that you do not know.

All I want is for you to know me, to get to know and understand me for who I am, not who the world say I am. This walk of salvation is individual however you are to act as one mind. Love one another and be there for each other in times of need. Let there be no discord in you lest satan uses that opportunity to destroy the union between you.

To anyone still defending their cult leader, I pity you, you are defending satan and in the end, both you who defend and the one being defended will go to the lake of fire to burn for all eternity. No man is great in my eyes save for I Yahusha. There is no man great before my eyes. All man are equal before my eyes. To oppress another man to his death is an act of rebellion towards me and you will give account in the courts of heaven.
Women, love your husband more than your pastor. If you disobey your husband only to obey your pastor, you are committing adultery. No pastor appointed by me will tolerate a disobedient woman who doesn’t fall under the submission of her husband.
Children, run from any church whose pastor is a female as that church is already a breeding ground for satanic vices.

There are churches all over the world where the members of those churches are already under the spell of witchcraft by their Shepherds. Pray for them that their eyes of understanding be opened and that they are free from the bondage of the enemy. Pray for your brothers and sisters in whom the enemy has trapped under his wings.

Children, I say this again. I do not dwell in these megachurches, my spirit, my ruach is not in these churches. Do not believe every spirit that ministers to you but rather test every spirit and bring them under the submission of the words of the father YAHUAH. Stop going to these megachurches. To before warn is to befall harm. Jesus Christ, Yeshua the anointed one.


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