Stern Warning to the Continent of Africa – Sammy Omosh

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Stern Warning to the Continent of Africa

January 18, 2023 6:48 AM
Sammy Omosh

Rev 7:3-5 and Dan5:25-27

On 29/12/23 i woke up at 3:15am from a dream vision in which i look up in the sky and i see a massive Eagle flying in mid air.It then comes down suddenly crushing on a tarmac road i found myself walking in.It was so large that it covered the breadth{width} of that entire road!The Country with the symbol of an Eagle on it,s National Emblem;-to you the God of Heaven and Earth is saying:MENE MENE TEKEL.

On 5/1/23 in a revelation of the Lord,i pass along a small Church and then i see the pastor holding a Dvd disc in his hands with the title-THE WHITE HORSE.I equally see the picture of a Bear and a Leopard side by side in the same Dvd disc.In yet another scene the same night,i find myself standing outside a mega church here in Africa.Then i see the leaders of the Church coming out thro the door with sad faces.I then ask to inquire-”Where is the Senior Pastor?”There was no reply and also there was no activity taking place there.

On 13/1/23 in another revelation of the Lord at 2.24am i see a person coming towards me and he holds a John Hagee book in his hands.{The only book i have read from the author was titled:Jerusalem-countdown to crisis 2007 Edition}He gives me the book and we walk along together,I had very nice sentiments about pastor Hagee eg he taught bible prophecy in his church and to worldwide audience thro TV,while other mInisters shunned teaching the same to their congregations.I concluded by saying ”at least he tried.”He may have his flaws being human just like each one of us.But pray for John Hagee and his ministry.

On 16/1/23 in a very vivid dream vision before waking up in the morning,i see the map of Kenya and there is a line drawn in thick red ink that runs from the Western part,passing thro the Capital city and into the Coastal strip{i hear TAITA by voice.}When i thought the matter ends there,the Entire map of Africa unfolds.Iam shown the Northern territory and instead of seeing the Arab/Muslim countries,i see Red Empty squares.This phenomenon extends to the Central parts and winding down in West Africa.Southern Africa Countries,you are not exempted from this.

Remember the vision i had in March 2022 titled Tribulation and a massive Earthquake is near.When it will rock South Australia,there is a likelihood the shockwaves will travel all the way to your shores.Uganda and Tanzania you border us from the western and coastal side,hence the likelihood of being shaken.In a nutshell it,s a Continental shaking and it cannot be prayed away since this judgment has been passed already by the hand of He who is seated on the throne.


Over the last 2 weeks,we have seen California swept by floods.News sources are highlighting that climate change is warming the Earth leading to Extreme weather.25 million residents of this State have been put on a flood watch.There have been mudslides,moving boulders,cars swept and trees falling.This epic flood is coming in the midst of recent drought in the same State.Currently there is flooding being witnessed in Angola.Most recently i see too much rain befalling the land.A lady is struggling to sweep the waters out of her house.A woman aged 90 years old has predicted there will be very heavy rains in April{Hebrew month of Nissan.}There is no where to run to except at the feet of the Lord.Stay safe in his arms continually.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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