Stay with Me….Stay with Me – Whitney Eslick Manuel

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Stay with Me….Stay with Me

October 10, 2023 1:02 PM
Whitney Eslick Manuel

This word was given to me, today, 10/10/2023 at 1:11 PM.

“My words. My words.
My words will be spoken now.
My words will be fulfilled.
Can you not see they have already taken life?
Read My Word and see flesh come off the paper and fly to do My will.
My will is indeed done.
My purposes are being won.
It is true, most do not understand and could not even comprehend My sovereign will and plan over and above what you see played out in your limited sphere.
But when did I ever say you had to understand and have insight into all?
It is your place to trust Me, simply trust Me and align in prayer with My will even if you don’t fully understand what that may be.
Trust Me in all these things you see.
You will hear many voices during this time saying one thing or another.
Bear in mind that almost all these voices are rife with personal plans and lying propaganda for their own conceived ends.
Limit your consumption of these media outlets and instead spend the lion’s share of your time seeking My face in prayer and searching for all these things in My Word.
Cry out for understanding and I will give it to you.
I want to teach you and train you to operate and understand from My heart and My mind rather than your own thoughts and personal feelings.
I certainly don’t want you operating out of someone else’s, which is precisely what is given you when you consume most news reports from popular media sources.
I want you to be aware of this.
The world goes to their own to get the news of the day and with it they also get a hefty helping of the world’s propaganda; sometimes even to the point of brainwashing.
Yet, you are My people and I would have your mind be renewed by the washing of My Word.
The washing of My Word brings clarity and peace to your mind, not anxiety and uncertainty like the world gives.
Remember this.
Remember Me.
Stay with Me.
I gave this servant a dream some time ago of a coming storm (“Praise Him In The Storm!” by Rose Sharon) where she closed her eyes and felt a minimum effect of the storm all around her, but her focus and prayer and praise were on Me all the while.
In that dream I spoke through her song.
My last words were:

🎵 Stay with Me….Stay with Me 🎶

This is My call and My word and My song over each one of you this day:

🎵 Stay with Me….Stay with Me 🎶

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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