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Stay out of NEW YORK CITY – The Messenger

Stay out of NEW YORK CITY

May 15, 2021 2:16 PM
The Messenger

My son write this down, many shall perish soon, time is so short. My messengers, watchmen prophets, have all rang the bell and blown the trumpet. It is time, time for judgements, time for the wicked to pay for all they have caused. New York City is the primary target as of now, not Miami, as many have been told. Many of my children, my little ones, my first fruits, have been slain. It is time for payback. It is Satan’s evil city, his evil sanctuary, that sits in New York City. Much blood has been shed; much has been shed. I repented of California, it was a test to see who is sleeping and who is awoke, many passed, a lot failed. Open your eyes and not the ones of your flesh, Your GOD ‘s anger is beyond kindled and my little one’s blood cries out, no longer can I await no longer will I. My hand moves against New York City, watch how it will move. Over 50 million little children’s blood, I require, of the men, who allowed such atrocities, who partook in them. Some have repented most have not, as Your FATHER IN HEAVEN that I AM, I am not pleased and will wait no longer. New York City your time has come to its evil end, Millions will perish in an atomic blast that will rock New York City, parts of New Jersey and Connecticut, many tears will be shed, and much blood will pour in your wasted streets. None there, have heeded truly to the warnings at hand, none shall be given. New York City , you were once a beacon of hope now you’re a land of foulness, I can smell your stench up in my nostrils, I can no longer accept this behavior towards my little ones.
My messages fall on deaf, blind, dumb people, non repentive nonbelieving and they shall soon perish. An event is planned for early July, can anyone guess what day that might be. America you are finished, and New York City’s downfall will start on the Day of Independence. My children please heed this warning, stay away from New York City in early July. Please use my Spirit and discern this message and plainly ask if this is true or not. You will find that I am truly speaking thru my messengers and especially this chosen one. I ask of him and he obeys, for the most part, he may make a mistake, but he is more than willing to do my will. Can you honestly say that my children, I say again like all the messages I send thru him obey my voice, repent, repent, repent.
My son, many will die and perish for they truly think they know me, when they do not. Many still don’t and make no effort for true REPENTANCE. I love all my children, but this age is rapidly ending, my hourglass sand has ran out and my mercy has been stretched beyond your comprehension. I have destroyed greater nations than you, America and New York City you are worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, your time as Satan’s capital will end. My children, keep praying for the lost of New York City, the innocent blood that will be shed. The people worthy I will take home, they will come back to where they once came from. The unworthy, fate has already been sealed in a fiery pit, HELL. My children please heed all my messenger’s messages. Thru prayer they can be lightened, but not undone, they will happen. My judgements come, no rapture will save you from judgements, please go read the book of judges to understand, my own chosen people did not escape and neither will you. End of message
The Messenger.

Addendum Wednesday May 12th 2021 to Tuesday’s May 11 2021 message that was given.

Many await the event written in my words called the Rapture Of The Church, the rapture will not happen till after my judgements are fulfilled, again is there anything in my word about escaping judgements. Many use Noah and Lot as examples for being raptured , they are metaphoric events. They still remained in the flesh , were they transformed, did they become all Spirit all Soul ,did their flesh remain. My children stop being deceived by man’s doctrine . If my own SON died in the flesh what makes you think you (will not), again read my word let the spirit discern my words for you not man. You are being deceived by false watchmen, prophets ,and messengers who think they will get whisked away without a scratch, oh how you are all so wrong. My word says only the worthy will escape ,
how do you know are you worthy? Have you asked me and if so, can you hear my voice. Again if you are not hearing my voice you are not ready, are you obeying my voice.

My son write this to, time is short ,you are just a vapor ,one day here next day gone , please time is short, so short, most still think they are ready, and are not, they think they know me or at least of me and I say NAY, unless your heart is repentive, you shall perish ,it is what my word says , children do not waste my time without Faith and Repentance, I am a Merciful, Holy, Just God, please be humble and merciful towards others, Show mercy to others and I will have mercy upon you. Does not my Holy word say it.

The messenger writing this is almost done complying what MY SPIRIT has led him to and how most of the confusion surrounding Covid will be quilled. I love all my children, but some as far as the V are ignorant . No excuses to not know your God, some of my children are being misled by Satan’s henchmen and yet others are being fearful , did I give you the spirit of fear? Ask yourself that question. There is a cure for Covid but it’s not in this world it’s a spiritual one . When my messengers release information on the V it is not complete, it only tells part of the story ,not all my kingdom workers my messengers ,watchmen, prophets have all the answers nor will they ever.

I demand OBEDIENCE ,over sacrifice, and please do so to my voice . My word and voice go hand in hand you need both to truly know me and understand my thoughts, my ways .My son ,soon, MY SON MY ONLY TRUE SON JESUS THE CHRIST comes in his glory , most are not ready , they play church ,they still play games instead of heeding my messengers, watchmen, and prophets. Most think it died out in the Old Testament and I stoped speaking. They think it is only thru my word and this is false. I have appointed watchmen, messengers and prophets in all times just some are not written where you think they should be in my words.

I love all my children but most are lost, only reading my words and not doing, only hearing my voice and never acknowledge it. A disobedient generation you are ,full of teachings from men ,from the pits of hell ,do you think Satan has teachers in my church on earth? . Most teachers, pastors, preachers don’t truly know me and they only waste time, only reading my word in black and white ,with no spirit behind what they teach and preach. Please come out of all these false churches, only ones teaching, that MY SON, is the only way to me and FAITH in him and Repentance, TRUE REPENTANCE, are real. My children tick tock ,tick tock your eternal clock of where you will stay is ticking make your last seconds count.

There are no games to be played anymore no more warnings ,New York City will burn very soon, Heaven’s Courts have adjourned and Satan has gotten my permission to unleash a fireball from the pits of hell on you. it grieves me to allow this, but my children’s blood, calls out and now the price for spilling the blood of innocent ,first fruits, my precious little ones cry out. They were meant for your blessings but because of lust and pride and deaf ears, you did not see it that way , being blinded by Satan and his lies.

Time is up New York City there have been plenty of warnings, again my children my wrath is beyond a consuming fire and will not be quenched till my judgements are unleashed and than that is only the start, soon after, war, hunger, more Covid and bloodshed. Most are not ready for the horrors, the evil one had planned, since America has not repented and heeded my warnings, neither will I listen to your cries and repent of my actions . Judgements are hear, stop playing games and watching YouTube, time for bloody knees, time for prayer time, you will need it.

My children I want all to confirm this message from this messenger , I will gladly confirm to you about the contents of this message being from me YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER. Just ask my spirit and he will confirm for you. Please stay out of NEW YORK CITY my children , I still will not take your free will away and never will. End of message

Your Loving Heavenly Father
The Messenger

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